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NameAirTycoon 5
Package Namecom.tradegame.at5
PublisherTRADEGAME Lab Inc.
MOD FeaturesFree to Play
RequiresAndroid 4.1 and up

AirTycoon 5 – The best airline management simulation game in the world.

Game Introduction

AirTycoon 5, loved by players around the world, has been fully upgraded with premium 3D graphics and an upgraded UI.

Game Features

  • Turn-based single player airline management simulation game
  • Gorgeous 3D graphics
  • Real-time realistic game background based on history
  • About 170 real airplane models released over time
  • Airline managing 500 airports worldwide
  • Take over other companies
  • Detailed management reports and report history.
  • Incidents due to increased weather and some engine failures.

Major differences from previous versions

Introducing the hub concept

  • The headquarters is located in the city you selected when you started the game
  • When starting a route, the departure airport must be the airport of the city where the head office or branch is located.

City ​​name value

  • Increase brand value through city advertising investment
  • Set up a branch when the name value is 50 or more


  • 2D/3D map selection options
  • Increase the number of slots
  • Introduction of in-flight service packages
  • Up to 25 slot requests at a time

Extra plane

  • B747SP, B707-320B, A319neo, A320neo, A321neo, B787-10, B737-10, E175-E2, E190-E2, E195-E2, Caravelle1, Caravelle10B, Caravelle12, DC-8-61F, DC-8-62F , DC-8-72F

Useful game tips

  • Open a new route between cities with a high level of business/tourism, while being less competitive (or not).
  • Make all your flight schedules the same as “Available flight schedules”
  • Price increase when occupancy rate is 100%
  • Reduced fares when occupancy is below 70%
  • If the route is highly competitive and you are not making enough profit from it, firmly close your existing route and open up another new route.
  • Set up a fuel tank to save your fuel bills.
  • Build a pit and a VIP lounge in your hub city to maximize your profits.
  • Strategically manage all your routes using your unparalleled business skills.
  • Provide your passengers with unparalleled comfort by better adjusting your aircraft seats and providing high-quality cabin service.
  • Generate steady income by buying or building your own airport.

MOD APK version of AirTycoon 5

MOD feature

Free to Play

Download AirTycoon 5 APK & MOD for Android

AirTycoon 5 is the world’s best airline management simulation game with top-notch graphics and exciting new features. The game is loved by many people around the world for its upgraded modern and more efficient user interface, providing users with a smooth experience like never before. You’ll be able to explore the vast world from an overhead perspective and control the speed of the plane yourself. This is a great simulation game not to be missed by anyone with a dream of becoming a pilot. GAME FEATURES You will manage your plane’s movement at high altitude with soft and pleasant music, and the sound of the plane’s movement is very realistic. You will control the aircraft in real time using beautiful 3D graphics, and the ground scene is depicted with many important areas that are very functional. The airport system in AirTycoon 5 is very similar to real life airports, with large flight paths. Multiple New Airline Models Over time, one hundred and seventy new aircraft models are released for players to change for new experiences and discoveries. Different airplane models with different features and designs will help players feel differently when traveling in the air with modern controllers. In addition, you must manage a major airline at 500 other airports around the world. Each airport will have many different planes that you will need to manage and upgrade to transport passengers. You also have to take over many other companies in the world to develop them and release more new models to thoroughly satisfy the needs of customers. Not only that, but you have to report in detail to management on a daily basis so that you can view the report history and easily track the journey when needed. When flying a plane, there are problems due to weather and some engine failures, so you need to be careful and know how to handle these situations. The difference between this new version and the private version introduces the concept of a Hub so that users can connect devices together more efficiently, and its headquarters will be in the city you choose at the start of the game. At the beginning of the journey, the departure airport must be the airport of your city or the city of the branch in order to determine the time and start the departure in real time. City will set the name value. You must increase this value through advertising investment in AirTycoon 5 and create new affiliates when the name value reaches 5.0 or higher to develop stadium locations for your flights. Additionally, you can choose from different 2D or 3D maps for realistic simulation observations. You can apply for up to 25 departure airport locations at the same time to manage and increase the number of future time slots. Flight schedules and routes Open new routes between high business or tourist class cities as you increase your proficiency to be able to compete with many other airlines and increase your airline’s revenue. Additionally, you can continue to use the flight schedules available in AirTycoon 5 for easier control. In particular, the fare will be increased when the occupancy rate is 100%, and the fare will be reduced when the occupancy rate is lower than 70% to meet the supply and demand of passengers. Revenue Management for Stores To save on fuel costs, you can set up a fuel tank for airports around the world. Also, to maximize profits in AirTycoon 5, you must build a pit and VIP lounge in the city center; this will help customers feel satisfied and not annoyed when they have to wait. At the same time, the aircraft seat adjustment function is also provided, allowing passengers to relax in this high-quality service.

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