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NameAfter School Girlfriend
Package Namestudio.genius.bukatsugirl
PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.
CategoryVisual Novel
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choices
RequiresAndroid 5.0
After School Girlfriend for Android
After School Girlfriend Free Premium Choices
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Are you a fan of dating simulation games and looking for a game about teenage love? You have to play After School Girlfriend MOD APK from the publisher Genius Studio immediately!

Introduce about After School Girlfriend

At the same time being hunted by 3 beautiful talented female leaders.

The story about School and Cute relationships

After School Girlfriend opens the story with a small dialogue of the guy Xervius, a new student at Highschool Souin. Just his few short sentences are enough for you to imagine your main character is a guy who belongs to the “GHC – Go Home Club” ideology. All Xervius wanted to do after school was just to rush home to play games, read stories, and lie in bed. He had no intention of joining any of the school’s extracurricular clubs both of his previous school and this new one. Generally, he wanted to stay away from these “away from home” activities as much as possible for the secret reason that he saw himself as having no aptitude for any subject from study to art and sports.

But unfortunately, the new school has a rule that every student must join at least one school club, citing that “These clubs are good places for students to meet more friends after school and it helps students understand themselves better.”

After a while, Xervius met a cute and active girl named Kyoka Kajima, who is in 11th grade and is the head of the school’s tennis club. The first impression of the main character with this girl is quite good, lovely, approachable. She had a very subtle way of conversing with some sentences like “Ah, it’s actually a bit difficult to change schools, but don’t let the feeling of always wanting to be alone become a habit…

Yeah, let’s go and practice with the tennis club, everyone here is like a family. Some even brought video games to play together.” Then the surprise came when Xervius discovered that in the brochure box of the club that Kyoka had just given, there were flowers and a box of chocolates. When asked her, she blushed and said that it was from the secret admirer. Here comes a few happy hints for you, right?

Xervius went on to another club: swimming. The leader is a pretty cool girl. This 12th-grade girl named Mizuho Minagawa has a fairly straightforward way of talking, sometimes cold, sometimes like joking with the opposite person. Xervius first impressions of Mizuho were mixed of a little curious, a little apprehensive, and wary.

A few moments later, rushing out of the chaotic atmosphere of a row of club booths, Xervius ran to the soccer field and stumbled across the Kendo fencing club. The girl who was there was a big surprise. As this club did not want a new member, she showed a cold and careless expression. The conversation was brief and Xervius was quite amused by this indifference. The reason was simply that the 11th-grade girl Akane Shurinji, the leader of this club, had not seen anyone worthy of being invited to the club.

A chance encounter with 3 girls is the beginning of all troubles later. When you decided to risk your life to save the stray cat you just happened to meet on the opening day of school, all three girls accidentally saw this heroic event. Their thoughts about you since then have changed a lot. And the problems were born.

Any subsequent progression depends on your choices throughout the story. In the end, you will choose which club to join, one or two or all three. And then, where will the strange relationship with the three girls go? Only you know and find out the end.


After School Girlfriend is a visual novel simulation game in which you can participate in the story to a certain extent. The pace of the game is quite slow, the number of situations that force you to make a choice is not much, but they are all actions/words that are decisive to the other person’s thoughts about you. These choices you choose will change the future of each relationship.

Each option will lead to different results. No one knows how many endings and how many deep relationships are formed for the main character Xervius. But my advice to those of you who want to play this kind of dating simulation game is: Be true to yourself. Then you can realize what type of person you are, and where all your choices will lead to. Most importantly, choose the true answer with your heart to end the story, you don’t have to regret that you were not honest with yourself.

Even when you have chosen with both your mind and heart, the end may still not be what you want. It is just like in real life where sometimes things are not always what you want, and any of your actions, gestures, and words can bring about misunderstandings that should not be. In my opinion, this is the human meaning that this kind of narrative dating simulation game brings to players.

Graphics and sounds

After School Girlfriend has cute 2D graphics, just about the illustration of the situation. The rest is mainly text describing the dialogue of the characters in the game. But everything is done very well, harmoniously, pure, comfortable, and natural. The feeling is as light as watching a love story of old school students.

The music is simple with no words. With each character, there will be different fast, slow, energetic, or lonely rhythms depending on the personality of the girl you are facing. This expression has brought a great resonance effect to create emotions for players with 3 interesting girl characters.

MOD APK version of After School Girlfriend

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Free Premium Choices

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It is a pure dating simulation game of school age with interesting characters, cute situations, logical processing, and gentle rhythm. It is worth sitting for hours chasing every sentence of the characters. Anyone who loves playing dating games must immediately come here to experience this interesting game. Download After School Girlfriend here.

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