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Action Taimanin APK + MOD (One Hit, God Mode) v2.8.42

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NameAction Taimanin
Package Namecom.GREMORYGames.ActionTaimanin
MOD FeaturesOne Hit, God Mode
RequiresAndroid 7.0
Network required

MOD APK version of Action Taimanin, a super attractive ARPG game is ready to download on APKMODY. Accompany the beautiful female warriors in this game, fight and protect the Earth from evil.

Introduce about Action Taimanin

Action Taimanin is the first product of the publisher GREMORY GAMES. Although they do not have much fame from before, they are gradually asserting their brand with the RPG combined with Action (ARPG game) that I am about to introduce.

Action Taimanin has an interesting story, about the war between humans and demons. Betrayal forces are trying to rule the world, and you need to prevent bad things from happening.


In the past, demons were also a part of life on Earth. They and humans live together when signing a peace treaty. However, the demon lord’s greed emerged. He broke the treaty, using the power of his army to invade and rule the world.

After the fierce battle, the demon lord was sealed, and punished in hell. The treaty also followed that in history, no longer valid in reality.

The war doesn’t seem to end. Thousands of years later, the power of darkness rose again. Tokyo is the place to suffer the first consequences, as evil forces are wreaking havoc everywhere.

To prevent traitors from committing crimes, the government has formed a group of heroes in the hopes of fighting against this invasion. You are a core member, can you lead them through difficulties and protect people’s lives?


Action Taimanin has Hack and Slash gameplay, but takes place in an expansive 3D environment. Thanks to that, the wars became more intense and intense, as the context of the war took place in history.

Action Taimanin gameplay

The flow of the game takes place according to the plot. You will go through each stage in turn, fighting each group of monsters to eliminate them from human life.

Of course, Action Taimanin also had a mission system attached to it. Although they are difficult to do, they also offer great rewards and experience points.

And the first task you are given by the government is to get back the biological weapon. This research was stolen by the UFS organization several days ago. However, their base was tightly guarded. You have no choice but to fight head-on and get it back.

In general, the gameplay will go in that direction. Your character will also gradually develop during combat and that helps you adapt to the harsh environment.


Characters, also known as Taimanins heroes. They are the Taimanins, adopted by the government and formed a special army. They have a powerful fighting ability, even absorbing strength from their enemies to improve themselves.

Action Taimanin for android

However, Action Taimanin only brings three main characters. But that is enough for you to wipe out demons from this world.

There’s also a set of over 30 extra characters. Although you cannot control them, they will automatically fight and help you in the battles.


Weapons and upgrades help you improve the strength of your character. Weapons can be found during combat or purchased in the store. Each type carries a damage stat, along with the ability to upgrade. You can use the best and most popular ones such as swords, weapon darts or spears.

Action Taimanin screenshot

Besides, the skills bring a special damage ability and different areas of effect. Of course, having more skills will give you more benefits in battle, opening up more tactics to help you defeat the enemy. Skills are learned when the character develops levels or gains some special achievements.


Graphics and effects are a core part, creating the appeal for Hack and slash games. And well, Action Taimanin is quite meticulously designed from the character and setting to the objects placed on the map.

Monsters will constantly appear and attack you. If they are killed, they will disappear to make space more open.

Effects when characters fight and use skills are also extremely beautiful. The lightning and light of magic were continuously generated, providing players with spectacular combat scenes.

MOD APK version of Action Taimanin

MOD features

  • One Hit
  • God Mode

Download Action Taimanin MOD APK for Android

Action Taimanin is being released for free on Google Play. However, the game hasn’t released a Global version yet, so only a few regions can directly search and install it. So we provide the APK file of this game, which you can access via the link at the bottom of the article and install it on your Android device.

If you have any problems installing APK files, feel free to leave a comment below. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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