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NetEase Games has just released Ace Racer, which is considered a serious competitor of the cult Asphalt 9. There is even a superiority in the colorful design array and over-the-top car staging. Dear anyone who loves speed, do you feel excited?

Introduce about Ace Racer

Ace Racer is a game currently released only in the Chinese market, but its spread and good reputation is enough to enthrall the whole speed-loving community. What is in this game that makes so many people crazy about?


Layout of controls in Ace Racer is quite strange. In many normal racing games, they often have the direction control button on one side (usually the left), the rest is for effects and speed controls. However, in Ace Racer, the buttons are separated. The left turn button is on the left-hand side, the right turn button is on the right-hand side. The vehicle feature controls are also split into two respective sides. Honestly, this layout is much easier to play and you also don’t have to remember more operations.

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In Ace Racer, there are many meticulously designed modern cars. Sometimes, they are even much better than real-life super-fast racing cars. Talking about the player’s ability, the usual techniques of racing like acceleration, nitro, drift have become obsolete. The cars in Ace Racer can do any extraordinary moves such as flying, spinning, jumping… accompanied by a lot of light effects and liberal colors. However, there is still a bit of errors when two cars strike violently against each other. It’s not a true collision that they seem to be partially merged. Hopefully, next time the manufacturer will fix this quickly, because it looks quite weird and uninteresting.

The game has many game modes and many different tournaments. Not only off-road racing, but you can also master the track, creating different racing tactics yourself.

Beautiful scene makes your heart flutter

The 4-dimensional space racetrack system simulates the world view, especially the spaces inspired by China such as Xihu or Dunhuang. It’s not always the type of modern streets that are full of highway lights like in Asphalt 9. In Ace Racer, there are impressive scenes that make my heart skip a beat because it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a beautiful angle on a racing game. The road is straight and wide, the cars are lined up under the cool green trees. The sun shines down from above, glistening on the road. That scene is so poetic. No wonder you guys are busy hunting for this game. Sometimes just looking at the scenery makes me happy.

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In the “showcase” of the car such as jumps or drifts, they are always accompanied by slow motion effects. To be honest, I just want to jump into the screen to witness that eloquent beauty with my own eyes.

Graphics and sound

The design imprint in Ace Racer must be said to be vastly different. The scene is romantic and leisurely, but when it comes to the cars, it is modern and timeless. The game is very colorful. For example, at the start, it is not smoke coming out of the muffler, but a series of colorful lights that signal an epic race is about to begin. There is a little bit of exaggeration, but the strange thing is that it is reasonable and attractive.

Talking about cars, we must talk about the company’s level of expenditure. They own the copyright of more than one hundred super cars today by exclusive contracts with more than twenty-five famous car manufacturers in the world. So, the car in Ace Racer is both famous and cool. When the super car appears, it’s also the time when you rub your eyes to see clearly because you can’t believe its beauty. Besides, you can also customize the car to your liking by changing the color, decal, and other indicators depending on the accumulated points. When you’re stimulated enough by its flashiness and power, then enter the game and assert yourself.

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These beautiful graphics can make you imagine how much investment in the sound is. The background music is super exhilarating and bursting with reasonable pauses. In the game, every move of the car is accompanied by the corresponding physics simulation sound. Play Ace Racer on a tablet and add an external speaker. Only by that will you be immersed in the world of happy speed.

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No matter what strategy the manufacturer has when making such a good game only for the Chinese market. No matter what language is being used in the game. We just know the good game will be searched at all costs. Download this game now to immediately experience the race of your dreams.

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