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NameA Stranger Place
Package Namecom.HonniGames.AStrangerPlace
PublisherHonni Games
MOD FeaturesPurchased
RequiresAndroid 4.4

A Stranger Place MOD APK is a horror puzzle adventure game from the publisher Honni games. In the game, you play as a character thrown into a dark, murky, and uninhabited building. You will find all ways to get out of here before it’s too late.

Introduce about A Stranger Place

Stealth Scary Escape Adventure.

The story

A Stranger Place begins with a slightly dizzying scene, like the confusing and disoriented mind of the character you are incarnating. May you have been kidnapped? By natural reflex (actually in the form of instruction dialogs, suggestions for actions), you will find the key to get out of this strange room. Opening another door again, you’ll go into an old warehouse and find a cane for self-defense. Having a cane in your hand, you keep going, then suddenly bump into a weird one-eyed dwarf dancing like a pro in the next room. You don’t have time to understand what is going on. You just casually greet him “Hello” once, he hits you with a big blow and throws you in the cage.

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So, you wake up and discover that this loose cell has a few cuts in the iron bars. You cleverly slip through it and continue your escape journey. With more experience this time, you have understood that every time you see an ugly dwarf, you have to turn your back and run away because if you face him, you will be immediately thrown into the cell again.

Following the instructions, you will have to find a lot of things to both preserve your life and find a way out of this place of the devil: a wrench for self-defense, a blade, instructions in the pressurized room to adjust the cockpits, creating a local explosion in this building. Then you have to find the code to open the mysterious boxes, dig an important code leading to the next clue in the building.

In the next few exciting developments, you will eventually find the code to open the door to a secret room deep under the layers of iron cages, in which you will find a piece of paper with a different list of numbers. This is the final code for the elevator. Pressing the elevator number, everything around you will fade and then slowly disappear. Opening your eyes, you find yourself in an old car, noisy somewhere is the siren of a police car. While struggling to understand what happened, the evil dwarf in that building may suddenly appear outside the car door. A barbaric open ending has closed this horror game.

It is easy to play but so hard to complete

You will waste a lot of time on A Stranger Place. The game has 4 levels that you can choose from as soon as you enter: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Ghost. Each level has its own rules. Your task is to follow the instructions that appear or to connect the events before and after to find the way to get out of this strange place. The game combines the form of role-playing, adventure, and puzzle. Instructions appear wherever you go for you to perform your task. But moving is not easy because the plagued dwarf always watches you for any loopholes and then he shoots one shot and throws you to the cage right away. And you will have to find your way out of there to continue your game.

The main operation is just moving, touching, or grabbing objects in the game. But importantly, you must decode the puzzles the game gives. For example, when in a large room that looks like an old office, you have to decode a code to open the door containing the piggy bank inside. Or before, when opening the mailbox in the house, you see a letter which is quite long and gives out the conclusion that someone has left a key on the 7th floor of the house. So, you have to find your way upstairs to get the key. But as the way up has a broken part of the stairs, you need to go another way. And the dwarf is walking back and forth to grab you. That’s how the game is.

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The fun is that you can play tricks with that evil dwarf. As you cannot fight in the duel, you can either run away as soon as you see him. But remember that he can suddenly appear behind you at any time to catch you in the cage many times. The second way is that you can trick it into a certain room, then stand outside and slam the door. It takes a few minutes for this clumsy dwarf to open the door of the room and run after you.

Our character moves quite slowly and barely is able to run. The puzzles given are sometimes extremely difficult, which forces you to go back and forth many times to get what you are looking for. So, the game is easy to manipulate, but going to the end is not easy.

Graphics and sounds

The game uses simple 3D graphics with dark colors. The surroundings were covered with a gloomy color. The first-person perspective makes everything around even more terrifying. You feel like you are in a strange place where you know who you are, but don’t know where this is and why there is no one around. And yet, the shape of the dwarf, who kidnapped you, also the only evil you must face in this game, is very ugly. It looks both scary and funny, especially its clumsy dancing form when you first see it.

In general, I really like the visuals of A Stranger Place which are simple, easy to understand, and not too much jumpscare (except for some sudden appearances from behind the dwarf). Feeling yourself, being afraid of yourself are what make A Stranger Place’s drug addiction.

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With a horror game whether simple or complex, the sound is still a very important component. So does A Stranger Place. The inclusion of discrete background music (that is both softly and loudly urging when a dwarf appears) makes the pace in the game change constantly. You will always feel rushed and nervous. The sound effects also do their job well, the footsteps, the screams of the dwarf, the sound when unlocking… are all done carefully and realistically. And the more real, the more scared I get. lol.

You should wear headphones when playing this game. It will be super exciting!

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A Stranger Place is a horror game but not too horrible. It has beautiful 3D images, good sound, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-follow content. It is difficult to play, but when you get out, it feels overwhelming (happiness, of course, until you realize this is an open ending, promising more games to come). Let’s play now to test your puzzle skills!

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