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1v1.LOL APK + MOD (God Mode) v4.25

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Package Namelol.onevone
MOD FeaturesGod Mode
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Playing robot fighting games is a good experience. But if you wish for a both good and unique experience, only 1v1.LOL MOD APK can bring. And to know what exactly that is, let’s read my sharing!

Introduce about 1v1.LOL

Participate in high-speed robot battles, build your own self-defense base, and more

Robot battles and more

1v1.LOL is a survival shooter action game with a context of a series of fiery battles between armed robots. Here you will not only fight but also create your unique hiding places.

With a third-person view, you will control your robot to join the battlefield against many other robots. At the end of each battle, only one survivor wins. You will continuously perform attacks like storms. At the same time, make use of all the tools and materials available around and in your inventory to build front lines and shelters to protect yourself during the long battle.

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Like some other Battle Royale games, the secret to be the last survivor is the ability to escape fast and perform fierce attacks. Victory is only for one person, and you must do your best and by all means to survive. But remember that if you run fast, hit well, and create good shelter, other players controlling the robot can do the same. The war is therefore always balanced and unpredictable. 

But unlike the survival games you’ve ever played, in 1v1.LOL, you don’t just constantly find enemies and shoot them nor just hide on the available terrain of the scene. But you will also create your unique buildings and hiding places from a variety of materials and blocks provided by the game. These will be the base to hide and build a strategy to fight other players.

Outstanding features

When playing in 1v1 multiplayer, the game will help you quickly find a partner within 3 seconds, meaning you don’t have to wait too long to see your opponent. 

Building the base is the highlight of this game. You will not only use different colored blocks for the front like a big shield, but you can also use a variety of materials to build walls, slopes, floors, and roofs. It both protects you from enemy bullets. You can hide there to plan for the next step.

1v1.LOL APK download 1440x810

Control operations in 1v1.LOL are also quite easy. It is also supported with automatic aiming and automatic shooting. The player’s robot will focus on movement, select weapons, and build protective barriers instead of focusing on aiming at targets. I greatly appreciate this support. You know, on the mobile platform, the more minimalistic and the fewer steps, the better.

1v1.LOL also allows customizing the HUD. It lets you freely manage and rearrange the control buttons on the screen the way you want. If you are familiar with any style, adjust the button according to that style, from Setups Builder Pro to Old School.

The game mode brings many dramatic battlefields

If you like hand-to-hand combat between robots, choose the 1v1 game mode. At this point, only you and one more player directly compete against each other. If you prefer to play with more people, you can choose 2v2 or Party to play with friends. Now, not being alone on the battlefield, you are a member of the robot squad. You coordinate and teamwork with your friends to come up with effective battle strategies and defeat the enemy team.

1v1.LOL for Android 1440x810

The above modes are all attractive. But the most dramatic is the Battle Royale mode where you join the battles for survival. It is where you are thrown into the vast battlefields where you fight continuously to become the last, only survivor.

Graphics and sound

The 3D space in 1v1.LOL doesn’t have too many details. Mainly focuses on different robot strains and the player’s ability to build bases. The “bases” here are the colored blocks that help shield and protect you from the opponent’s attack. Constantly move this base and use the fast attack to kill the opponents. The game is indeed for real hardcore guys, not a place to enjoy flowers. So, before playing, everyone needs to carefully consider their preferences.

MOD APK version of 1v1.LOL

MOD feature

God Mode: You can’t die.

Download 1v1.LOL APK & MOD for Android

The sound in 1v1.LOL is indeed designed entirely for fierce battles. The sound of gunfire erupted continuously on the battlefield. The sound of construction is so bustling. The background music is not too much, but it would bring drama as desired when necessary.

Are you ready, my heroes? Download and play the game right here!

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