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Name1979 Revolution: Black Friday
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PublisheriNK Stories
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RequiresAndroid 6.0

1979 Revolution: Black Friday APK is a cinematic combined historical adventure game. The game belongs to the hardcore genre, from the story, the gameplay, the graphics to the emotional levels left in the player. Game published by iNK Stories, which won many great awards, especially the award from the jury vote at IndieCade ‘16.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday: Black Friday and another life

The story is something not everyone can “feel”

The game scene takes place completely uncomfortable at all. If you are looking for a pure and light entertainment game, I can advise you never to download 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. Because once you play, your thoughts and feelings will shake all day long.

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In the game you will play a character named Reza Shirazi, who comes from a rich background. After studying in Germany, Reza returned to Iran and was accidentally swept up in a major revolution going on here. In 1979, Reza was now a photojournalist, whose future would have a pivotal role in the revolution in Iran. And with only the camera and the call of conscience, you will make a series of big and small decisions for the events of your life, from which everything, all relationships around you will change depending on your choices.

Gameplay is pleasant but the result is not

Formula: Choices >> Decision >> Change Outcomes, which are no longer new in modern game genres. However, history is always a difficult subject to develop a game because it requires consistency, close to what has happened.

But 1979 Revolution: Black Friday did it perfectly. The price point of this historic adventure game is how it connects each event together. And despite playing according to the genre of choice, decision and change of destiny, the storyline in the end still sticks to the history that has happened. Doesn’t this mean “everything is arranged”. But exactly the destination won’t change: The Iranian Revolution took place in 1978-1981. As for each small relationship in it, the protagonist’s life will change depending on each word, action, or choice you make.

1979 Revolution Black Friday for Android 1440x810

Let me give you an example. In scene 2, at the Evin prison where Reza is being interrogated, there is a scene where you choose to answer the jailer’s question, “Is your camera a weapon?”.

You have several options:

  • Silent and defiant look at him
  • “Cameras capture truth”
  • “Anything is a weapon”
  • “Only against the guilty”

With each of your choice of lines, you will find the guard’s expressions and reactions completely different. He may be angry, disdain, or use force on you.

Whatever you say, you do, it shows your political opinion and worldview very clearly. From there everything will follow one after another. That is the first factor that makes this game successful.

There are climaxes lying on the other side of the gameplay

Gameplay of 1979 Revolution: Black Friday hardly places heavy rules or does not appear any new concepts. You just have to control your character to freely move in the available three-dimensional space. Following the course of events, sometimes you will need to quickly press a few buttons, get a file, run away with a friend, or open a book… Although these actions are sometimes a bit too fast. Like in the first scene when the girl opened the door to rush away, I had not reacted in time to take a file on the table according to the instructions. But after that, when I got used to it, everything was quite easy.

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Along with the simple gameplay, these small but also quite important actions have helped the game get rich, unexpected, and full of adventure. Like above, when you get the file and run away, it’s okay (but you will be caught by the police on the street anyway), but if you are as slow as me, you will be arrested immediately.

In addition, you are also allowed to take pictures of the revolution and compare it with actual photos taken in Tehran at the same time. Feeling like watching an emotional documentary. These are also bold cinematic segments of the game.

Graphics deserve top historical game

Because of the responsibility of narrating the violent and upheaval historical story in Iran, the graphics in the game itself are very focused. It can be seen how much effort the design team has to create angular and iconic characters, each with a personality that you can clearly see through their faces.

Agree you will see that everything is still angled shapes in a realistic aesthetic style, but it is thanks to these bright shadows that the gloomy feeling of the turbulent days is more clearly depicted than ever before. Post-production effects of landscapes and segments with large, crowded scene views are very impressive.

Game music makes you fall into the emotion grid

You can feel the severity of the battle through each tone. I want to say it’s very dark, each note sounding just like to drown everything, like the human mood in the game. Some episodes between Reza and his comrades made me goosebumps. Just playing a game, I did not expect it to bring so many levels of emotion. Anger, anger, skepticism, restlessness, fear, determination, weakness, confusion, love, happiness … This game brings all of those feelings in a genuine way.

Download 1979 Revolution: Black Friday APK for Android

And if I want to say anything more, I just want to show my deep admiration for the historical documents of the game. There are over 80 accurate historical facts and data incorporated throughout the game. If you are passionate about history and want to see a great revolution for freedom, on the culture, society and economy in Iran, then I am sure you cannot ignore the game 1979 Revolution: Black Friday APK.

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