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West Battle Royale is the latest Battle Royale game of the publisher Gameover. If the current battle royale games like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite revolve around the war on a large island, this time we have a whole new battlefield. As its name implies, this is a Battle Royale game and is set in a wild west town. I always wanted to have a survival game that uses this plot because I like the image of a gunman on the battlefield, killing all enemies and then continuing his unexpected journey.


Summary about West Battle Royale APK

NameWest Battle Royale
Latest Version1.1.2
MOD FeaturesNo
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
Get It OnDownload from Google Play

Western cowboy

West Battle Royale gameplay

Stepping into the sunny and windy west, you’ll have to fight with 49 other players and try to be the last survivor. Here you will find deserted and the desert is full of sand, where you can find many of the western weapons such as Cimarron 1878 Coach Gun or Colt Anaconda. The weapons you earn are very useful to survive, if you do not quickly get the weapon then you are sure to easily receive the bullets from the enemy and the battle for your survival ends immediately.

Try to take the weapons that are placed somewhere in the house to be ready to face enemies at any time. When you kill other players, the booty you get of course is what the player owns. But the same thing happens to you when your gun skills not good or there are too many players in the same area.

Fight for your life!

West Battle Royale control

Game control is not much different than the games of the same genre. You have a button to move in the direction you want. Your moves are also easier when the game equips you with buttons that allow you to run, jump, or stoop and lay. Indispensable in this game is picking and fighting, these two buttons are designed quite smart for you to use very conveniently and easy.

Western weapons

West Battle Royale weapons

West Battle Royale has a fairly large amount of weapons and most of them are the kind of guns that you usually see in cowboy movies. Do you like the guns like Chiappa 1873 Regulator, Pietta Confederate LeMat or Cimarron 1876 Texas Ranger?

Graphics and sound

West Battle Royale graphics

If the survival games try to follow the trend, try to bring the most realistic images and then reduce the graphics quality to be easily compatible with many devices, West Battle Royale completely opposite. Through the above pictures, you can see that the game has relatively modest graphics quality, but it is also a unique point of this game. Simple graphics make the game easier for more players, you can experience even if you only own a low-end phone. The movement of the character is not flexible, like the way a robot moves.

West Battle Royale is now available on Google Play

Overall, West Battle Royale is a unique survival game and has many new features compared to the same genre games. The gameplay is still the same but the whole new context gives you a new experience. Currently, West Battle Royale is available for free on Google Play, but there is no version available for iOS yet. 

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  • West Battle Royale for Android APK - v1.1.2

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