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Legend of Emperor APK + MOD (Débloqué) v8.8

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Nom Legend of Emperor
Nom du paquet com.heyyogame.gd
Éditeur heyyogame
Fonctionnalités MOD Débloqué
Version 8.8
Taille 14.19 MB
Prix Gratuit
APK Original Legend of Emperor (14.19 MB)
Apkmody App
Meilleur téléchargeur de MOD
Rapide, sûr, 100% fonctionnel

Si vous souhaitez télécharger la dernière version de Legend of Emperor APK, vous devez vous rendre sur apkmody. Dans apkmody, vous pouvez télécharger gratuitement Legend of Emperor Mod APK v8.8. Vient ensuite une introduction détaillée sur Legend of Emperor Mod APK v8.8.

Legend of Emperor Mod APK Téléchargement gratuit

Legend of Emperor Mod APK est la version PRO de Legend of Emperor APK. En utilisant l'APK Mod Legend of Emperor, vous pouvez facilement effectuer toutes les tâches et exigences qu'il contient. Souvent, vous devez dépenser beaucoup de temps ou d'argent pour obtenir facilement des récompenses, mais en utilisant Legend of Emperor Mod APK, vous atteignez souvent vos objectifs en très peu de temps. Legend of Emperor Mod APK est un excellent moyen pour vous de surpasser vos concurrents. Maintenant, dans apkmody, vous pouvez télécharger Legend of Emperor APK v8.8 gratuitement. Ce processus ne coûte rien et vous pouvez l'utiliser en toute confiance.

Télécharger Legend of Emperor APK avec Apkmody

Si vous ne souhaitez pas télécharger la version APK du mod Legend of Emperor, vous pouvez également télécharger facilement l'APK Legend of Emperor dans Apkmody. apkmody mettra à jour la version APK de Legend of Emperor dans les meilleurs délais. Les utilisateurs peuvent facilement mettre à jour l'APK de Legend of Emperor sans télécharger Google Play.

Legend of Emperor APK v8.8 2023 Fonctionnalités

With the linkage of fire, phoenix and prairie fire, with the help of the Chinese New Year of the Year of the Rabbit, the 5th anniversary carnival is officially opened!A truly simulated ancient official fighting game, "One Official, One Wife" invites you to return to the ancient officialdom and experience the unparalleled pleasure of power![Fifth Anniversary with constant surprises]The 5th anniversary celebration is in full swing, with fun puzzles, star recommendation voting, non-stop annual bonuses, free Apple products, and free sexy bunny girl clothes![Fire and phoenix start a prairie fire, shocking linkage]Linked with the popular comic "Fire and Phoenix", legendary characters such as Liaoyuanhuo, Sima Yi, Lu Bu and Guo Jia join the officialdom together, log in and get a limited number of joint customers - Liaoyuanhuo!【Cultural Play Appreciation Treasures Antique Collection】Appreciate rare treasures, collect antiques and cultural relics, look for dragons and acupoints to identify fakes and real ones!【Fief management, building upgrade】I am the master of my fief, expand the stronghold, seize the fief, strengthen the army, strengthen the power, who will compete with me![Season competition, compete for the top]The new season of the officialdom has officially started, and the top of the Forbidden City has officially struck, and the fifty strings have turned outside the Great Wall. It is not easy to become famous!Game system introduction:Season system: Compete for the top of the Forbidden City, dance with the phoenix, and win every battle to be the top!Wenwan system: learn about the past and the present, collect and appreciate antiques and cultural relics!War horse system: God horse war horse, Chitu's Lu, show his power in the arena and become famous all over the world!Fief system: simulated management, interesting official life begins!Battlefield system: Attack barbarian kings from outside, fight against opponents from inside, lead famous generals to defend and expand the territory, and achieve great achievements for thousands of years!Official position system: From Weihan's birth to powerful and powerful, how did you go along the way!Official career system: make a comeback, fight in the officialdom again, give you precious props, and help your official career!Palace system: One day, if you are an extremely human minister, you will be named a marquis and a general, and the emperor will be afraid of you!Guild system: Recruit soldiers, fight side by side, and help each other to become the strongest guild!Meal system: talents from all walks of life, come to pay a visit, and three thousand guests will come under your command! Listen to your orders!The beauty system: a beauty grinds ink, red sleeves add fragrance, draw eyebrows for her, drink and sing poems with her!Searching system: Jianghu market, restaurants and flower houses, met in the court, forgotten in the rivers and lakes!Descendants System: Raising children, marrying and recruiting relatives, everything has to go through without knowing the difficulty!Facebook public page:https://www.facebook.com/com.heyyogame.gd※Please avoid indulging in games※Some content of this game needs to be paid separately※According to the game management grading method, it is classified as supplementary 17 levels※The content of this game involves violence, anti-social, virtual love or marriage

Comment télécharger et installer Legend of Emperor Mod APK 8.8

Pour télécharger Legend of Emperor mod de apkmody.io.

Vous devez activer l'option "Sources inconnues".

1. Cliquez sur le bouton de téléchargement en haut de la page pour télécharger le Legend of Emperor mod apk.

2. Enregistrez le fichier dans le dossier de téléchargement de votre appareil.

3. Cliquez maintenant sur le fichier téléchargé Legend of Emperor pour l'installer et attendre que l'installation se termine.

4. Une fois cela fait, ouvrez le jeu et commencez à jouer immédiatement.

Téléchargement rapide
Utilisez Apkmody App pour obtenir un téléchargement rapide
Apkmody App
Meilleur téléchargeur de MOD
Rapide, sûr, 100% fonctionnel

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