DooDoo Love is a premium online gaming platform. DooDoo Love’s top game developers provide top-quality HTML5 games to millions of online gamers. You can play popular games now on your mobile phone and tablet online in your browser without downloading.

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Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers is a very classic endless runner game. Playing the main character Jack, you are escaping from the angry inspector and his dog. You need to dodge trains, obstacles and more to go as far as you can. Don’t forget to collect coins to unlock special power-ups. The coins can be used to unlock new characters and beautifully shaped hoverboards. Subway Surfers is an old game released in 2012, but the great gameplay experience has kept it very hot till now.

Hungry Shark Arena

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Hungry Shark Arena is an online multiplayer game. Each player is a shark competing against other hungry sharks in a death match, trying to be the shark that survives to the end. In the game, you make your shark stronger by eating other lifeforms. Collected gold coins can buy new sharks with different strengths and abilities. Come experience these exciting battles and addictive growth mechanics in the arena!

Among us

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Among us is a social deduction game that has taken the world by storm. You will be randomly assigned to a group of 4-15 people. Each of you will need to complete a series of small tasks to repair parts of the ship. Among you, there will be traitors who are ostensibly in complete agreement with the righteous side. You need to find these traitors before they kill everyone. To win, you need both strong enough reasoning skills and a sense of teamwork. Come and use your brains to save your spaceship.

DooDoo Love Features

Constantly Updated Games

The engineers of DooDoo Love have put all their efforts and they are working hard to develop new HTML5 games. You can bookmark the URL of DooDoo Love. We plan to release more popular games in the coming time. You can definitely find games that are popular all over the world on DooDoo Love!

No Download, No Storage Space Required

Nowadays, many games are over 100M, which means you need to put up with long download times. You can imagine this scenario: when you find a very popular game on Google Play, then you suddenly find out that the APK of that game is very big and the whole downloading process may take several minutes. At the same time, your phone or other devices may not have the storage space to put down the game. All kinds of nagging problems become obstacles in your gaming journey.HTML5 games can destroy these obstacles and really save your time and storage space. With advanced coding technology, players can experience online games without downloading.

Play All Games for Free

Many app stores require payment to download various games and apps. Players are concerned that after they pay for a download, they will probably find that the game is not fun at all. This mechanism seriously affects the player’s gaming experience. However, DooDoo Love offers completely free games to all players and does not charge any fees between levels or chapters. In addition, all our games have undergone strict technical tests and DooDoo Love guarantees that they do not contain any viruses.

Suitable for Various Devices

HTML5 games on DooDoo Love can run on any device. Don’t worry about your operating system because we support all systems including Android, iOS, Firefox OS, Windows, MacOS or Android, iOS, Firefox OS, Windows, MacOS and Tizen. You can play games at home on your PC, and you can also take out your cell phone to kill time on the subway. DooDoo Love is your most faithful gaming companion that allows you to enjoy games anytime and anywhere.