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NameVideo Live Wallpaper Maker
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RequiresAndroid 4.1

Video Live Wallpaper Maker APK is an application that turns videos into live wallpapers on smartphones. With this wonderful app, you can create a lot of interesting wallpapers yourself from attractive videos.

Introduce about Video Live Wallpaper Maker

Turning the video into a live wallpaper is very interesting, have you tried it?

Do you want to turn a video into a live wallpaper?

Interesting phone wallpapers are a way for you to show your own style and personality, and also a way to inspire your inspiration while working on mobile. For emotional people, this is even more important. Every time you turn on your phone and see these joyful movements, memorable moments, you will feel so happy. It is like a catalyst for the spirit, and it evokes many lovely inspirations.

A fancy live wallpaper is also the best and fastest way for you to impress other people. This non-verbal impression sometimes makes people think of you differently as a creative and interesting person, for example.

And for this, a still wallpaper is certainly not enough. You will need a video with all the filling levels. But you can’t do this on your phone without the help of an app like Video Live Wallpaper Maker.

What is Video Live Wallpaper Maker?

Video Live Wallpaper Maker is an application that allows you to turn any video on your device into a live wallpaper. With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy your favorite videos whenever you open your phone.

Not only that, but the live wallpaper created from Video Live Wallpaper Maker also helps your phone become more personal, stylish, and impressive.

And the video, before turning into a live wallpaper, can be slightly customized by the Video Live Wallpaper Maker application.

Key features

With Video Live Wallpaper Maker, you can use all video formats to make live wallpapers for your device. Just choose a favorite theme and turn an existing video into a personalized animation.

The video used can be from Video Live Wallpaper Maker’s built-in library or a video on your phone. Either way, this application can create live wallpapers in 4K, 3D, or 4D resolution. Live wallpapers created on your device are always as sharp, detailed, and beautiful as possible, which is enough to make you smile every time you look at your phone.

Simple and highly useful application

Video Live Wallpaper Maker is also an effective utility in turning any video into a live wallpaper thanks to the following capabilities:

  • Fits all screens: no matter what phone screen size you’re using, landscape or portrait, in whatever ratio, live wallpapers created are neatly trimmed to fit the device.
  • Audio on/off option: video always comes with audio, of course. When turning a video into a live wallpaper, you can keep the video’s built-in audio or turn them off, depending on your preferences. This feature of turning on/ off the sound is also done in just one note.
  • Low battery consumption and minimal resource usage: you don’t have to worry about draining your battery or consuming a lot of phone memory because the app is so neat and light.
  • Supports online video wallpapers, parallax in 3D, 4D, and even 4K resolutions: in terms of the video quality when displayed as a live wallpaper, you don’t need to worry, any size is clear. 

All the simple, very central features of Video Live Wallpaper Maker can be done with a single or two taps. This intuitive application can be used by anyone at any time.

Download Video Live Wallpaper Maker APK for Android

Just with a single dedicated feature, turning videos into live wallpapers for smartphones, Video Live Wallpaper Maker will bring you a new breeze every time you look at your phone.

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