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µTorrent Pro APK v6.6.5

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NameµTorrent Pro
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µTorrent Pro APK is the most popular and trusted torrent client application in the world. This is a paid version, but you can download it for free right here.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about µTorrent Pro
    1. What is µTorrent?
    2. How does the download process work?
    3. µTorrent Pro has a fast download speed?
    4. Why should you use µTorrent Pro?
    5. Note
  2. APK version of µTorrent Pro
  3. Download µTorrent Pro APK for Android

Introduce about µTorrent Pro

Today, the P2P BitTorrent sharing protocol is very popular. On the user side, you can download large files quickly and conveniently. As a developer, you don’t need to build a server to store, help you save costs and bandwidth. However, popular browsers like Chrome or Firefox do not support BitTorrent, so you need to install the Client to be able to interact and download files. So, I think µTorrent Pro is a better choice.

What is µTorrent?

µTorrent Pro is the most popular download application using the P2P BitTorrent protocol. It has many versions on different operating systems, helping you to download large files on the Internet quickly and easily. BitTorrent is a file with * .torrent extension. These files are very small, usually only a few Kb. It does not store data, but rather the information of the uploaders (who have the file you need to download), who is downloading, the monitor, along with the basic parameters of the file to download such as name and size.

How does the download process work?

When you search for a torrent file and download, µTorrent Pro will rely on the information that the torrent file contains, then connect to the Seeder (who is keeping and sharing the file). Unlike regular download processes, you will not retrieve all data at a server but will be from multiple Seeders. In essence, a file is downloaded from multiple sources, then assembled into a single file. And this also explains the P2P (peer to peer) mechanism, also known as the peer-to-peer mechanism that I mentioned earlier in the article. You will also become a Seeder when holding files.

µTorrent Pro has a fast download speed?

Yes, µTorrent Pro automatically connects to many Seeders to get data bits, but it prioritizes Seeders that are closer to you and have better internet speed. Thus, many PCs will act as a storage server, but the bandwidth cost is divided into smaller parts so it prevents internet connection congestion. You still get the best download/upload speed and people around unaffected when you download/upload large files simultaneously.

Why should you use µTorrent Pro?

Compared to the free version, µTorrent Pro has added a few new features to save battery and data for users. First of all, it’s Battery Saver. It will halt all torrent download processes when the battery of the phone is too low. The developer sees this as a problem when the majority of people involved in the P2P community often have a need to let the device run automatically and not pay attention to battery flow. During your device shut down, the files may be corrupted or deleted completely.

The data saver also needs to be mentioned. You can set “Only Networks Wifi” mode or limit the speed of the download/upload processes of files. When these processes are completed, the application will pause the torrent and run in the background.

Finally, the banner ads have been removed. User experience and performance will be improved.


While there are many benefits, torrent files are not always available for download. If the files are very old, the percentage of people holding them is quite small. In case no one else keeps it, ie no longer able to share here, you can not proceed to download.

Secondly, the information is not hidden. Someone can view your downloaded file list, IP address and region easily. The advice to improve this is to use a VPN like ExpressVPN to hide information, create a protective shield when searching for torrent files on the Internet.

Regarding the download speed issue. It depends on the number of Seeder holding the file.

APK version of µTorrent Pro

µTorrent Pro costs $ 1.99 if you install from Google Play. You can pay to support the developer. If you have trouble paying, you can download and install it via our APK file. It’s free.

Download µTorrent Pro APK for Android

µTorrent Pro is a reliable and easy to use Torrent Client. Its free version has more than 100,000,000 installs from Google Play, and with the Pro version, many other useful features have been added. However, users have to pay so they will be a bit hesitant, but on APKMODY, it’s completely free. You just download an APK file below and install it as usual.

uTorrent Pro v6.6.5 APK

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    What is the difference of the MOD version and the PRO Ver? Which one is better?

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      Both are one

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