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NameTV Program TVGuide
Package Namemolokov.TVGuide
PublisherMolokov Dmitry
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.1

TV Program TVGuide MOD APK is an application to control the TV via mobile phones. Now you don’t even need a remote anymore, everything is already integrated into the smartphone.

Introduce about TV Program TVGuide

A handy TV remote application that few people know.

Less-known apps don’t mean few users

Honestly, when I finished writing this little review, I felt like I was quite smart because all tutorials, reviews, and usage of this app are in Russian. The little information that I have is only from testing it myself, with the content description has been translated into English and a series of comments below by users in the Google Play of the application.

I also realized something quite interesting: there are applications you think you never need to use, there are many people who think otherwise and have other options. And once an application is good, the person who needs it will find it on their own, regardless of the language barrier, without any accompanying requirements.

That is also the vital principle of thousands and millions of applications that are present on the mobile platform today because demand is unpredictable, and suitability is borderless. TV Program TVGuide is an example of this strange principle in the world of mobile applications. It is doing well in its specific role although it is made in Russian and few people know about it. Those who really need it and understand its quality features will use it immediately without hesitation even if they don’t know Russian. Is it strange?

What is TV Program TVGuide?

TV Program TVGuide is a mobile application dedicated to controlling television as a remote. It can do well whatever a normal TV remote can do. Well, the same, and even more than that.

In particular, with TV Program TVGuide, you have more than 700 TV channels from all over the world in each region and country. You can control the TV even without an Internet connection.

You can tune into channels like a pro by choosing from the general list available on the app or the search on the TV channel provider lists or directly find it via the connection with Samsung TV and LG Smart TV. 

And one of the other outstanding features in this app that a normal remote cannot do is that this application can remember some of your favorite special channel lists and provide quick switching between these channels on the home screen.

It can also automatically remember and remind you of unfinished programs as messages and send you notifications when the program’s broadcast schedule is coming up. These notifications can be displayed on the PC widget as well without having to open the app. If you want to do this, you just need to select the Synchronize function and then connect to the PC.

Of course, TV Program TVGuide also has the basic set of essential features of a traditional TV remote such as changing channels according to previously installed numbers, changing volume, changing connections when accompanied by other devices lie game machine. Just install the app on your phone, start it up, connect to an existing TV (available for Samsung TV and LG Smart TV), then turn on the TV and use it. You can control it remotely in a wide range depending on the strength of the Wifi in the house.

TV Program TVGuide, a true TV remote app for Android

I also want to reiterate, this is a TV CONTROL application, not an application to watch TV or video as people often see. It is a universal TV remote control integrated right on the smartphone you are using every day. 

Why do I have to say this again? Because when scrolling through a comment section below the Google Play page of TV Program TVGuide, I saw many users asked why they had installed it but couldn’t watch the video? Just kidding! Well, actually there is not much strange when people mistakenly think of it as a TV-watching app because, out of 100 functional apps related to TV, 90% of them are used to watch TV shows and videos. Anyway, as it’s already been clarified, I hope people don’t misunderstand and blame it again, it may not be fair for the app developers.

MOD APK version of TV Program TVGuide

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download TV Program TVGuide MOD APK for Android

TV Program TVGuide, the TV remote application has a simple, easy-to-see, easy-to-understand interface and you don’t even need to know anything about Russian to be able to use it. With it, you can have extensive control capabilities, covering a lot of domestic and foreign TV channels, especially when it has smart memory features superior to any remote you have known so far.

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