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NameThe New York Times
PublisherThe New York Times Company
MOD FeaturesDigital Subscription
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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The New York Times MOD APK is an online newspaper application from the newspaper brand The New York Times that has been famous for decades. With this app, you will have more than you expected.

Introduce about The New York Times

The world’s leading prestigious newspaper is now at your fingertips

The New York Times is one of the largest newspapers in American history, both in revenue and brand. The number of prints per day can be said to be one of the largest in the world. But the name “The New York Times” is not immune to the natural decline when the online world becomes so popular.

Now is the era of the digital age when people prefer to read digital news more than papers. Through days, fewer people expected the newspaper delivery man to ring the doorbell or to pay a monthly fee to receive newspapers. All became a nightmare not only for this great name but for the whole newspaper market in general.

The New York Times’ managers have continuously come up with important countermeasures, both catching up with trends and rapidly transforming in the digital age. One of their big moves is the creation of The New York Times app which helps users watch news daily, hourly on their smartphones.

What is The New York Times app?

This is a newspaper application developed and published by The New York Times itself. This is the mobile version of The New York Times. Although the number of articles and articles is slightly less than it is of the hard copy, users can save a lot of money by downloading the application in different packages. Besides, it is so convenient when helping you see almost all the news from The New York Times right on your smartphone.

The New York Times can be considered as one of the pioneers in the renovation and digitalization of a major newspaper. Up to now, The New York Times is still continuously monitored and perfected with more editing improvements. So, in the long run, if you are a fan of The New York Times, downloading this application is essential. Still not perfect, but in terms of diversity, the application can completely satisfy the users’ needs.

Information is updated continuously every day, every hour

The app brings you lots of content from the original The New York Times. Simply downloading the app gives you immediate access to 1,700 journalists from 160 countries worldwide. The news is, therefore, extremely diverse. From hot news, breaking news to speeches and expert opinions in all fields of Business, Technology, Sports, Art. If you use the subscription package, you also get unlimited access to in-depth reports, analysis, and commentary with richer metrics.

All articles and information in The New York Times are divided into clear categories. It ensures users of any age, whether they have read through The New York Times paper or not, can quickly feel comfortable and get used to it.

All content on The New York Times is neatly presented with creative illustrations and graphics. The feeling will, of course, be different from holding a paper newspaper in your hand every morning, but this difference also brings quite a lot of fun. It’s fast, neat within reach.

Crossword section

Decades ago, the editors of The New York Times were aware of the enduring appeal of crosswords. Newspaper readers not only kill time but also challenge their knowledge by chasing rare words and bringing them out to fill in the blanks. Therefore, the Crossword section has become one of the main categories of traditional newspapers.

When put on mobile, The New York Times, of course, has this attractive feature. And indeed, it has captured quite a lot of interest in newspaper readers. Not to mention playing crossword on mobile is much easier and simpler than in newspapers.

Features that make The New York Times an indispensable application for news readers

The New York Times reports on not only the US or Western countries but also the whole world. For the same event, you will read a different perspective and get a different piece of information that you do not know, whether it is happening in your country or a neighboring country in the region. This is also part of the excitement in The New York Times.

In addition to the main feature of providing information, content, and news presented in a journalistic style, The New York Times also offers a series of features to support users to read newspapers:

  • The Morning function: This is a short list of events, news that quickly updates you after a long sleep. Quickly read the news as soon as you wake up with the alarm tool The Morning will bring you a dynamic working day.
  • Live Briefing feature: These are summaries that bring readers the latest and hottest information of the day, continuously updated in each field, and even in-depth speeches. Use this feature to know about the whole world out there instantly.
  • For You feature: This is a space to explore, relax with articles, games, and news that is right for your interests. You can manually save favorites to read again on any device. This is a good way to get the information to the point and avoid rambling and wasting time with hot news that is not useful to you.
  • Listen to original podcasts feature: It includes all talks from “The Daily”, “The Ezra Klein Show” and “Sway”. When you don’t have too much time to read the newspaper on your mobile, you can choose this feature to listen to the talks you care about.
  • Share feature: You can quickly share your favorite newspapers, articles, photos, and even videos of the news on popular social media platforms.

Download The New York Times APK & MOD for Android

There are many ways to read newspapers. But it is best to choose reputable newspapers with the speed of updating and processing information like arrows. 

Do you have it already? If not, download now to use and share the experience with others at this link.

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