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Talking about an application specializing in apps and games for Asia, currently, TapTap APK is at the top. Being highly community-based, it has everything you need to find.

Introduce about TapTap

Unique app/game app store for Asian users!

What is TapTap?

TapTap is a store of free apps and games for mobile. It is where you can quickly find the right game, download it in minutes and enjoy it on your mobile.

If you are looking for a free mobile app/game store that is available in many different languages, contains many famous games in Asia (especially China), or even hard-to-find games (even games or apps that have been removed from the store for some reason), then TapTap is an ideal choice.

The big game store for Android mobile, Google Play Store, can be said to be enough for all. But there are still a lot of games you can’t find from here. It is mainly because Google Play uses the English language, which is hard for non-English speakers when finding the game without knowing the English name.

There are also cases where the game is in beta and has not been officially available on Google Play or for some sensitive reason, the game developer has interrupted the cooperation with this store, so the game does not appear on Google Play. At this point, it is difficult for you to find the game you want. 

In such situations, you need a dedicated mobile game store with multiple Asian languages ​​like TapTap.

One current inconvenience of TapTap is that the default language in use is in Chinese. But do not worry, users can install to switch languages.

Easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface

TapTap’s main menu consists of 5 sections: Home, Discover, Moments, Rankings, and Library. Home is the collection of the most prominent apps/games in each category. Discover is where you can find the most popular apps, games, and special collections. Moments has many offers and modern content groups. Rankings helps to see all featured ratings in each category for zoning selection and search. 

Is it really safe to use TapTap?

For many people, downloading an application or game from a certain library is a matter of great consideration, especially in a time when everything on the Internet is very sensitive and sometimes contains unexpected risks. TapTap is one of the best apps that always puts user safety first. Users will get a firm commitment from the developer; they can interact with the developer. From the side of the developer who contributes their products to TapTap and from the users who will download the apps/games to their devices, there is an absolute safety guarantee from TapTap.

Is it easy to find apps and games in TapTap?

The answer is yes, it is very easy and very intuitive. Just use the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the Home screen, type in the name or keyword related to what you are looking for, you will have a lot of results immediately. Or you can go to the available categories from the main menu of TapTap to filter by the suggestions of the application.

The special feature of TapTap is the download function

Once you have selected an app/game, you just need to go to the Download button to download it. Each download page has a full display of the title, profile picture, tags, and user ratings. Even detailed information (such as gameplay of the game, how to use the application) is also displayed on the details page. You can read it carefully before deciding to download it. And through the experience process, you can come back to post your comments.

Downloading apps/games in TapTap is also highly appreciated by users. If you use a mobile device, you’ll need to scan the QR code, and you can also comfortably access TapTap through social media accounts like WeChat and QQ. The download process is always fast, neat, seamless, and stable, provided you are on a good Internet connection.

Emphasize community

TapTap always has a lot of small activities to encourage users to leave comments because it is good for all to grow together. User comments in both ratings and detailed comments can be submitted easily, without any barriers, without deletion, without modification. They are displayed directly on the homepage of the respective app or game.

Download TapTap APK for Android

Not only is it a powerful source of app/game downloads for Asian users, but TapTap is also an effective community and bridge between developers and users. If you need to download apps/games, try using TapTap. Who knows, maybe from now on you will switch to using it. 

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