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NameTalon for Twitter
Package Namecom.klinker.android.twitter_l
PublisherLuke Klinker
MOD FeaturesNo
PriceFREE $2.99
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Talon for Twitter APK is the unofficial Twitter app for Android. With Talon for Twitter, your Twitter account will have a different look, and you yourself will find it more interesting to use.

Introduce about Talon for Twitter

Application for Twitter addicts who want to refresh the interface and experience

What is Talon for Twitter?

Talon for Twitter is a free tool to help you manage posts and post on your Twitter account. This app is strong in design and is highly customizable to give Twitter a newer, better look.

Twitter is a popular social network for work and commerce by letting users share brief information. There are limits on the number of words in a post, the images and videos posted are not as many and varied as on Facebook and Instagram. It keeps the right orientation from day one: it specializes in work, sharing of informative and concise information. Twitter is by far the No.1 choice when it comes to social networking for work and information.

One drawback of Twitter is its interface, especially when on mobile, it looks quite boring. If you follow the minimalist school and are satisfied with it, it’s ok. But if you want it to be fresher, more diverse, and more engaging, the current expression of Twitter may cause your interest in using Twitter to fade over the years.

For the undeniable benefit and practicality of Twitter, and for some refreshments in using this favorite social network, it’s time you need a more beautiful management application to manage your Twitter account, like Talon for Twitter.

The difference of Talon for Twitter compared to other Twitter management applications

Talon for Twitter is quite young compared to its predecessors in the field of Twitter account management. But it is trusted by many people. The first reason is innovation. The App is constantly being upgraded, updated, and improved with features, showing a high level of developer commitment and constant efforts to improve in the future.

Although it only supports 2 Twitter accounts at the same time, Talon for Twitter can be strong in many other features, such as: removing all ads, removing the feeling of using the Twitter web so that users can really focus on the text content they are reading, rearranging the column interface to be more beautiful and comfortable to use on Twitter… and customizing the images with a set of simple image editing tools, powerful filters…

A more beautiful, redesigned Twitter layout

Talon for Twitter uses Material Design at its core so you will see your Twitter account now wearing a new shirt. Still the same items, still the same familiar basic arrangement on Twitter that you were using every day before. But now they are more beautiful and eye-catching. The Twitter layout on Talon for Twitter looks very smooth, the animations are eye-catching, and the smoothness exceeds the original version.

The layout for the functional sections becomes more convenient and easier to find. To find a list of past searches, use direct message… you don’t have to rummage through Twitter’s web interface anymore. If you want to choose which item to see first, just touch that item and then bring it to the homepage of the application.

Talon for Twitter also helps remove all ads from Twitter. During use, you only need to focus on the content and the important information.

Highly customizable

When using Talon for Twitter, almost every detail on Twitter can be customized in terms of color: text color, screen theme, hashtag color… Talon for Twitter also has a night mode to help you avoid damage to eye accommodation.

Through Talon for Twitter, users will be able to freely adjust the Timeline Layout on Twitter to make it easier to see and better fit the screen space of each device. Editing will not affect the previous selections or layout of the Twitter account.

Help you be more active with Twitter

When using social networks, any inconvenience, no matter how small it is, can bring a feeling of “bored”. For example, you will need topic tracking and question tracking for your tweets. Why not add a little excitement to this? Talon for Twitter will help you easily and quickly track everything you post to promptly reply to all comments, including posts long ago.

In addition to the option of appearance, you can also optionally add many functions of Twitter. For example, when you like a certain Twitter account, you will be able to choose to see only their tweets or can choose to receive a notification whenever they tweet. Or you can choose options for muting, retweets, hashtags, Twitter clients, and expressions. Or even easily review who quoted or liked or retweeted your tweets. As a result, managing Twitter accounts will become deeper and faster. 

You are also provided with a simple set of photo editing tools before posting to Twitter. This is quite convenient. Especially when the images of each Tweet are limited in number, it is very advisable to edit them well and choose the best ones.

Download Talon for Twitter APK free for Android

Talon for Twitter is the highest-rated Twitter account management application on Google Play. If you don’t use it, there’s still no problem with your Twitter. But if you use it, everything will be neat, tidy, beautiful, and colorful. Which way do you choose? 

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