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Finding a good English learning app is not difficult. However, it is difficult to find a free language learning app with many super self-study features. If you are still confused and struggling, let SuperLingo MOD APK handle it for you.

Introduce about SuperLingo

The well-designed English and Chinese courses are waiting for you to experience!

Suitable for any purpose

One day, my sister asked me to find out an English learning app for her with few requirements: free, easy to use, popular and sufficient 4 skills (reading, speaking, listening, writing).

Therefore, i scanned the whole day looking for an application suitable for her. There were countless English learning applications on the phone then, but to find something satisfactory meeting all the “indications” above is not easy, guys.

Many good apps were not free. You could only use freely for 1-2 days and then paid millions. What was free had lots of advertisement that would disrupt you from learning. Besides, some only specialized in grammar or listening skills.

Finally, everything was handled when I found SuperLingo.

What is SuperLingo?

SuperLingo is a language learning application that is trusted by many people today. The manufacturer introduced it to be made by a team with more than 20 years of teaching experience and a range of the most modern technologies today, including a proprietary AI algorithm. As a user, i and my sister judge it out of ten because of its convenience and help.

Specialize in English and Chinese

In many foreign language learning apps I’ve found for my sister, there is an app for learning up to twenty foreign languages, but each one is not focused. SuperLingo is different. Obviously, the maxim of SuperLingo is “Quality matters more than quantity”. And the two most specialized languages on SuperLingo are English and Chinese.

To appreciate the depth and variety of each language taught in SuperLingo, I will take the learning programs as an example. Everthing here is designed very clearly, carefully and in detail for each level. Whether you are a Starter or have reached the Advanced level, there are many interesting challenges, tutorials and exercises waiting in SuperLingo.

Each learning level in SuperLingo will include the following aspects

  • Lessons by topic. Each word is put into a specific context so that you can understand quickly. This app also helps to distinguish the synonyms such as Tall and High, Sorry and Apologize…
  • Each lesson has an illustrated Video to listen to the correct pronunciation and watch cute animations. At that time, it was so hard to learn English and watch videos. Now we have video lessons divided into each lesson. It’s so satisfying!
  • Combine four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) in the same lesson. Sentences with grammatical explanations will be repeated many times to learn Writing, accompanying videos and standard pronunciation to learn Reading and Speaking. If you want to check your pronunciation, let the AI listen to it and wait for its evaluation.
  • There are proficiency tests corresponding to each completed lesson on 4 skills.
  • All pronunciation and voiceover from videos, lessons and audio parts in SuperLingo are clearly recorded from native speakers.
  • In addition to great support for learning new vocabulary, SuperLingo will have TV show excerpts, movie excerpts and mindmaps to help learners grasp the elements surrounding a new vocabulary and understand deeper.
  • Grammar sections are also fully systematized based on both CEFR & GSE systems. I find learning grammar on SuperLingo quite easy to remember and understand better, thanks to the inclusion of different contexts to show the difference when using special tenses and sentences.
  • After the main lessons, you can use up to seventeen practice modes and one hundred different combinations of exercises to continuously practice and consolidate knowledge.

Especially, you can download lessons to study offline if the network is slow.

Even better, those who are lazy like my sister appreciate this part very much: each lesson is designed truly short. The higher you study, the faster the learning process become, the shorter the path to completion is, and the greater the feeling of happiness get.

Besides, you can also try Duolingo.

MOD APK version of SuperLingo

MOD feature

Plus Subscription

Download SuperLingo MOD APK for Android

In short, if you want to learn English and Chinese methodically from basic to advanced, and want to improve four skills, you should use SuperLingo.

Good luck with your foreign language learning!

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