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You can download Solex TV APK to your phone to own one of the best Android video streaming apps.

Table of contents
  1. About Solex TV
    1. What is Solex TV? 
    2. Why Solex TV APK? 
    3. Device compatibility of Solex TV
  2. Solex TV FAQ’s
    1. Is Solex TV APK safe? 
    2. Can you download Solex TV for ios?
    3. How many devices Solex TV can support?
    4. Can you watch live tv streaming on Solex TV? 
    5. Alternative application for Solex TV
  3. Conclusion  
  4. Download Solex TV APK for Android (Latest version)

About Solex TV

The world has been reshaped due to technological advancement and every aspect of life is getting change even with the passage of every single day. By emphasizing on the entertainment industry, we would like to highlight that this era is all about the tv streaming apps that have molded the way of getting entertained for the people. Just by digging up a little bit in the past, you got to remember those days when you have to pay heavy fees to the cable operators but still not getting that worthy services in return.  

Streaming apps come up as lifesaving ones for those who like to get refreshed after having a day-long hectic routine so they could get up the next day with a fresh mind. Streaming apps not only your pocket friendly but also have brought on the entire family together on the same desk. Now you don’t have to face the movie conflict or any other one as you used to face in the era of tv cable when your tiny one is insisting to have to watch his favorite show but you need to go through the news.  

Without any further due let’s dive into further information about the most amazingly designed Solex TV APK.  

What is Solex TV? 

Solex TV is a streaming app that has plenty of different channels and will serve you with the best possible live streaming of your desired events. Moreover, you don’t need to stick on a single category of movies or channels but plenty of entertainment categories are there so you could have the best possible fun time when you have too.  

Why Solex TV APK

It’s quite obvious that you must have to learn about the significance of solex tv apk that why you have to choose this one out of the gigantic stock of streaming apps.  

  • Whenever you are going to use any of the streaming apps the user interface has the power as the backbone of it. Solex TV has designed a way that even if you are not a technophile then still you could get the desired results out of it. So, feel free to install it in your old age family member’s mobile phones so they could enjoy the portability of fun. 
  • In the online world, you might have heard or face numberless issues out of which privacy breaching ones are most common. That is why users might not feel like providing their personal information on any platform such as streaming apps. To resolve this riddle, Solex TV has made the entire process sign in free that is such a relief for all the concerned consumers. 
  • There might be a burning question pop up in your mind that either you have to pay for the content or not then here comes the most exciting thing to have the Solex TV that it will not cost you even a single penny. So, feel free to enjoy it now on as many devices as you wanted.  
  • Getting multiple video resolution options is not a dream now because it doesn’t compulsory that you always want to spend your same amount of bandwidth so, at this point, video resolution would be a life savior for you. 
  • Consistency shouldn’t be served at all so several genres are part of Solex TV that has full of entertainment stacks to kill your time in the best possible way. In the most amazing genres Action, Adventure, Thriller, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, and Horror are on the top of the list.  
  • Get support from the Facebook group if needed that has been created for the convenience of the members.  
  • If you are no longer in any of the movies then say goodbye to them and say hi to 24/7 live streaming where you can enjoy any of the events live without any annoying ads at all. 
  • No matter where you belong from and what native language you have Solex TV will serve you in multiple languages so you could enjoy your desired content on point.  
  • You don’t need to hover around to get the automatic updates to enable but a onetime check will save you from all the hassle. 
  • Not only the national but you can enjoy the international ones as well without having any sort of annoying ads or anything else that can be a hurdle between you and your entertainment.  
  • Make the usage of Solex TV more fun with the Bluetooth gamepads support. 
  • If you are using any of the devices that don’t seem to support Solex TV then still you don’t need to root your device at all but few alternative steps will help you a lot.  
  • Getting the option between portrait mode and landscape mode is such a blessing for those who are intended to enjoy their favorite movie or show in their free time.  
  • Multiple subscription plans might be confusing for many users so to remove this issue, Solex TV doesn’t introduce any of the packages at all.  

Device compatibility of Solex TV

You might have a lot of questions that either Solex TV will get easily compatible with your available device or not then here is your answer.  

  • If you are an android user then your device must be above 4.0 android system to let you enjoy the non-interruptive entertainment. 
  • You can even enjoy it on different IOS devices as well in which IOS mobile, IPad, and mackintosh are included.  
  • Enjoying Solex TV APK even on an Android TV or firestick is quite easier now so you could enjoy your weekends with your friends and family.   
  • To enjoy your favourite movie or channel on the bigger screen you can easily caste your mobile screen to the Chromecast easily.   

Solex TV FAQ’s

Is Solex TV APK safe? 

You don’t need to be worried about it at all because the downloading file of Solex TV is totally scanned and will not harm your device at all. On the other hand, overall, the content of Solex TV is totally safe for all age groups but we will highly recommend you to keep an eye on your little ones to prevent any sort of undesirable results.  

Can you download Solex TV for ios?

Yes, you can download it even on your ios devices and surprisingly you don’t have to root your device at all to run it regularly.  

How many devices Solex TV can support?

This is an amazing design and can support multiple devices in which Android devices, IOS devices, android tv, and also firestick on the top of the list.  

Can you watch live tv streaming on Solex TV? 

Yes, unlike other streaming apps you can enjoy 24/7 live streaming of your desired content. 

Alternative application for Solex TV

There are many apps, you can use Netflix, ThopTV or Hotstar.


Solex TV is one of the best streaming apps that can let you have your favorite movies or channels without paying heavy cable fees. You can enjoy numberless benefits out of it so feel free to have it in any of your devices as its highly compatible with multiple devices that we have mentioned in the above section. If you still have any sort of confusion about how it works then you can check out the above article.  

Download Solex TV APK for Android (Latest version)

Solex TV APK v3.1.2

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