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Hello, who else listens to the radio every night like me? I listen to it by phone. If you still have this retro hobby, try out Simple Radio MOD APK!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Simple Radio
    1. Do you remember the Radio of the old days?
    2. Simple Radio helps you listen to the radio right on the phone
    3. Listen to all global channels
    4. Listening to the radio via Simple Radio also brings many other benefits
  2. MOD APK version of Simple Radio
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Simple Radio APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Simple Radio

Listen to the radio in a very different style

Do you remember the Radio of the old days?

Nowadays, Radio sounds a bit strange to many young people. Even many middle-aged people no longer have the habit of listening to the Radio as a close information channel. But maybe we should rethink and spend more time on this classic entertainment channel. It is so entertaining, believe me.

Even though TV, Youtube, online newspapers, or dedicated movie watching and listening sites have become so popular, Radio has its own place.

In Germany, on average, a person spends 2-3 hours a day listening to the radio. They only listen to 1-2 familiar radio stations. They listen to energetic songs early in the morning, listen to the radio while doing housework, driving on the road, and during breaks.

As explained by my German office friend, “Listening to the radio helps me avoid the feeling of being dependent on technology, I feel that I am not caught up in the hustle and bustle of life around”.

Me too. I still listen to the radio every day. Maybe it’s because, in the old days, I often used to listen to the radio with my grandma. Today’s radio channels are also very different. They have rich content, super up-to-date news, and excellent music as it is always the strength of every channel. And there is also a variety of other practical information such as traffic, natural disasters, population updates, late-night stories, confiding shows…

Putting the need to update information aside (although it is the huge reason why I listen to the radio every day), the need for spiritual value from the radio is huge too. Having the same motivation as the German guy mentioned above, I listen to the radio to get more energy, hear and feel positive, inspirational voices and enjoy new and old songs from the familiar station.

How to listen to the radio without a Radio? I use a very modern way: Listen to the radio over the phone.

Simple Radio helps you listen to the radio right on the phone

It is not too difficult to find a radio application that is trusted and voted on by most users because actually there are not too many apps in this field. I had a good impression of Simple Radio from the first time I saw its icon. It is just a few blue-and-white lines depicting a classic radio. I feel it is like the spirit of a person who has the inherent habit of listening to the radio: simple, light, balanced, and ethereal. So, I downloaded it to use, and well, it absolutely satisfied me.

Listen to all global channels

Simple Radio is an application to listen to radio on almost all available Radio stations such as FM, AM, and a variety of local stations. You can choose your favorite channel or listen to many channels in different time frames. Enjoy music, listen to the news, follow sports, listen to voices reading books and stories. With just a few simple touches on the screen, you can listen to what you want.

Simple Radio has more than 50,000 radio stations. So, you can freely choose any radio station, even discover a series of attractive radio stations around the world. Like NPR, BBC, MRN, 77 WABC, La Mega 97.9, KNBR & WNYC… Because in essence, this is an application that combines online Radio and radio tuners, it is completely understandable when you can look up, search, and refer to countless global Radio channels. Obviously, the richness is much greater than common Radios which only focus on local and national stations.

Listening to the radio via Simple Radio also brings many other benefits

Finding and looking up Radio stations in Simple Radio is also quite easy. The stations are divided by country, city, state, so you just need to go into the place you want to explore and select each station in detail. A big reason why I switched to using Simple Radio instead of traditional Radio is to listen to BBC stations and some other international ones. 

Next is because of the convenience. It supports listening on the mobile, so you can listen to the radio anytime, anywhere, especially when doing boring, repetitive tasks such as cleaning the house, washing dishes, driving, etc.

If you have young children at home and want to avoid letting them spend too much time on TV or tablets, you can also download Simple Radio. There are hundreds of radio stations dedicated to children from many different countries. They specialize in music, storytelling, reading stories… My nephew is also listening to a channel, Radio for kids from America, every day. And he likes it very much.

MOD APK version of Simple Radio

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Simple Radio APK & MOD for Android

As you can see, listening to Radio is not a habit only for the elderly. Try it once, you will find an interesting place in this application. Listen to the radio in a modern way with the style of young people.

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Simple Radio v4.0.3 APK

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