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NameSimple Contacts Pro
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Simple Contacts Pro APK will help you manage your smartphone contacts, thereby making searching, storing, and synchronizing easier and more convenient than ever.

Introduce about Simple Contacts Pro

The application for managing, retrieving, and synchronizing phone contacts

Why do you need to manage your phone book?

If you only have a few dozen to a hundred contacts on your mobile, there’s nothing to talk about. But if you have several hundred, or even a thousand contacts, the default contact management may no longer be appropriate. You start to find it difficult and much more complicated to find or filter your numbers, especially when there are more and more people with the same name. Not to mention the space to store contacts on the phone becomes full sometimes. This is when you realize you need an assistant to help you manage your smartphone contacts consistently.

Yeah, you can think of Simple Contacts Pro.

Simple Contacts Pro, more than a mere contact manager

Simple Contacts Pro is a smartphone contact management application. All storage activities are centralized in one place, then they can be quickly synchronized on different devices, and automatically backed up without duplicating existing contacts. The app is also an application that helps you save memory space and search contacts easily and quickly on mobile.

Simple Contacts Pro can sort and filter by multiple parameters, with the option to display the last name as the first name and vice versa. You no longer have to worry about whether you are saving the correct last name or not. And by sorting by many parameters, you can search for any contact number quickly. No need to search by keyword, then scroll up and down to find a phone number anymore. With Simple Contacts Pro in your device, you can enter search keywords into the search box like searching for news on Google, immediately the results will appear in turn after each new keyword is added.

The app’s ability to search by keywords is very powerful. You can search for almost any information you have saved. It will never automatically jump to unrelated results like in the default smartphone contacts.

Also with this capability, Simple Contacts Pro can help to display your favorite people or groups of contacts in a separate list. You can name these groups and use them to send bulk emails or SMS to the whole group. This feature saves a lot of time and effort.

Manage email and events on the device

With contacts saved via Simple Contacts Pro, you can also easily change the name, email, phone number, address, organization, group, and all other elements in contact. In case it detects a previously saved phone number, the application will immediately display a notification so that you do not save it again. And you can customize and edit the information of that contact.

Simple Contacts Pro is also a convenient tool to save important events like birthdays, anniversaries, or any other personal or work event.

Automatic backup and synchronization

Backing up mobile contacts to cloud storage is also quite necessary. You will always have a second data source just like the list you have on your mobile phone so that in case you lose your phone or change to another phone, it is much easier and simpler to save it again. The app offers smart contacts backup technology, syncing new and old contacts regularly to keep backup copies of these numbers.

When you add new contacts, they are automatically backed up. You can rest assured that they are safe, even if you lose your phone.

Or in case you want better information security, you can choose the “Do not share with other applications” feature, ensuring everything is as private as possible.

In addition, Simple Contacts Pro also offers many display customization options. You can choose whichever way works best for you. Such as displaying phone numbers on the home screen, switching contact thumbnail display mode, showing only contacts with phone numbers, showing a call confirmation dialog before making a call.

Some extra features

There are handy button designs for calling and texting contacts in the phonebook. If you don’t use any buttons, you can hide them as you like.

Simple Contacts Pro also supports input/output contacts in vCard format to .vcf file, making it easy to backup, send or share data with other devices.

This contact management app has a modern simple evening display based on material design, which helps you to look up your contacts in the dark.

When you want to block certain mobile numbers to avoid unwanted calls, you also have a separate feature in Simple Contacts Pro. This is also a small but very useful feature that is only available in a smart contact management application like this.

Download Simple Contacts Pro APK free for Android

Simple Contacts Pro is small and takes up little memory, but its convenience and practicality cannot be denied. If you need smart management for your phone book, please download it here.

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