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NameShuttle VPN
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Shuttle VPN MOD APK is a free VPN application that has many strengths in high-speed, unlimited web access. Besides, it also has a bunch of features typical of a dedicated VPN.

Introduce about Shuttle VPN

Free VPN application with high speed and unlimited secure web access, especially useful for online games and social networks!

What makes Shuttle VPN different from other VPN apps?

Since online games, app markets and entertainment websites became popular, VPN services have become popular too. Amid a forest of similar VPN applications with similar features, how to choose the best one? You should find out more about the strengths of each type of service, to see if that strength really meets your needs? Then decide to use it. This way saves more effort and is more efficient.

For example, depending on your needs, you can use VPN applications that specialize in helping to bypass firewalls when using Wifi at universities, companies, and clinics. You can use those that specialize in speeding up the web browsing process, those that integrate all into one but do not have one thing that really stands out. You can also use VPNs that only work in certain regions of the world.

My advice is to find a VPN application that has a strong focus that best suits your needs. As in my case, because I often play mobile online games, I want to find the best security application for my presence when playing these games. And that is also the reason I chose Shuttle VPN.

The master of unlocking for unlimited and ultra-secure web access

There are many websites you love and want to use but you can’t do it at all because they have geographical restrictions. Your IP is unfortunately on the blocked list. Then you will need a VPN application with strong unblocking features like Shuttle VPN.

Shuttle VPN, like many other VPN services, removes the geo-restriction of video sites, apps, games, movies sites, social networks, and a host of other websites by creating for you a virtual IP that is different from the real IP of your location and thereby helping you access any web address easily.

Shuttle VPN has 20 powerful VPN server locations worldwide. Wherever you are, you can still have yourself a perfect virtual IP to “bypass” all built-in blockers of websites.

These servers are also among the best, so Shuttle VPN is also one of the proxies with impressive speed, helping to speed up the user’s web access.

By providing a virtual IP, Shuttle VPN also helps you stay anonymous on the internet, which means that no one can track what you’ve done, who you are, where you are, or what websites you’re visiting. Everything is hidden to ensure absolute safety for users.

Specifically, what games and websites does Shuttle VPN have a strong effect on?

  • It provides good security for players in PUBG online mobile game through Brazil PUBG VPN, Philippines PUBG VPN, PUBG Lite – VPN Taiwan.
  • It is the best VPN service for Call of Duty mobile games through CODM Canada VPN, CODM Australia VPN
  • It unblocks all major entertainment websites for watching movies, listening to music, and popular social networking sites like Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp…

The app’s feature duo Shuttle VPN Fast & Secure VPN Tunnels will always help users use secure encryption to bypass all the censorship of websites (yes, the names mentioned above are just one of the small examples).

Shuttle VPN is currently trusted by many people around the world and is chosen as the VPN network in its applications.

Currently, Shuttle VPN’s servers are strongly developed in the United States, India, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, Philippines, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea… and in the future, it will expand in many more regions such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

With this dense system, wherever you are and whatever you want to do on mobile, everything can go smoothly.

MOD APK version of Shuttle VPN

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Shuttle VPN APK & MOD for Android

If you are looking for a VPN that specializes in security and speed access to online games, social networks, or high-quality movie entertainment sites, then Shuttle VPN will best satisfy you. 

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