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Package Namecom.pocket.tvapps
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Pocket TV MOD APK is a movie-watching application on the Android operating system, supporting you to watch movies, search and connect to a series of web movies to watch movies in one place. Just open an app and watch your favorite movie. Let Pocket TV do the rest.

Introduce about POCKET TV

The app brings the world of movies to your phone

Watching movies on mobile, really annoying

I watch Netflix, I watch Thai movie channels, I watch original movies on Korean channels. Wherever you are, in any country, using any movie-watching website, you have to download that site’s app to your phone to watch movies. But these apps are also extremely draining, making your phone run out of battery very quickly. Not to mention slow, difficult operation when you want to rewind the movie. If I find a movie or save it to my favorite folder or do anything else, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

This article is not talking about the downsides of movie apps. But I just want to say that I just discovered a web-linked application that gathers all movie web data into one place, neat, easy to browse, and watches movies with extremely smooth operation. If you want to know, then scroll down to read the article.

Watch movies on Pocket TV, everyone

Pocket TV is an Android app created for users to watch movies on websites. Europe, Asia, America, it doesn’t matter, as long as the movie is on this earth, and there’s an internet connection. This is the place to connect, minimize all actions for users, bring all the confusing, inconvenient things of each movie site to the past. Now, no matter what website you want to watch movies on, you only use a single action and interface. Isn’t that great?

This life is so complicated. Can we make things simpler? I am a person allergic to many icons on my phone. It takes a lot of time to get used to various actions and views on each website or application. So if it’s just to watch movies that I have to learn and get used to many different applications, I give up.

I also can’t watch TV all day. Sometimes, I need to go out to meet people. So Pocket TV is now a viable lifesaver. Just connect to the address and movie web account you are using. Done. From here, every time you watch a movie, no matter what website you belong to, just go to Pocket TV.

And why do I recommend you to try Pocket TV to watch TV on mobile?

Finding categories is easy. With just plain, pretty square icons on the screen, you can see everything from movies, documentaries, gameshows, reality shows, to Live TV.

Then in a category, there are smaller icons that list a series of detailed categories to choose your interests and favorite movies you want to find. For example, if you are entering Movies, you will continue to see Action / Romance / Animation / Bollywood / Short Film / Musical / Comedy. What could be more intuitive?

Or when you want to do a quick search when you already know the movie title or actor’s name, type keywords into the search field on the home page.

The way to display two columns on the mobile screen of Pocket TV is also very convenient. Looking at the category name on the left, the movie poster picture on the right, it has never been easier.

The full-screen mode gives you a spacious, airy space. Nothing obstructs your view when watching movies. Control buttons are minimized or can be hidden. In general, it feels exactly like watching movies on Hotstar Premium or Netflix Premium on TV. Only the screen size is the mobile phone.

Pocket TV also supports statistics about watched movies, unfinished movies, how many hours have you watched movies today, how much space it takes up? Everything is available on the control bar of the app.

The application also serves as an assistant when using advanced AI technology to self-suggest movies to consider to users. Both cute and useful. Sometimes I don’t know all the new movies, or some good old movies, thanks to Pocket TV I know quite a lot of things.

MOD APK version of POCKET TV

MOD feature

No Ads

Download POCKET TV APK & MOD for Android

And in short, just two words, “simple, comfortable” is enough to bring me to Pocket TV already. What about you? Download Pocket TV right here.

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