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Pluto TV APK is an app to watch movies and TV shows online for free on mobile phones and tablets. Just have a phone in hand, and open the app, you can watch hundreds of live TV channels with thousands of movies and shows happening on these channels.

Introduce about Pluto TV

Watch 100+ TV channels on the Internet, free on any device, anywhere with Pluto TV!

What is Pluto TV?

Pluto is a service to watch movies and TV online for free on mobile. Just install the app and subscribe, you can watch hundreds of TV channels with all the great content happening on them without any hindrance.

What is special about Pluto TV compared to other online TV mobile apps?

The first difference is probably in terms of systematic abundance. Pluto Tv offers various interesting shows and TV series in an organized and consistent manner. Pluto TV currently offers over 45 channels in Spanish, including native language and dubbed movies, reality TV, telenovelas, crime, sports, and more. Pluto TV is completely free and legal: no credit cards, contracts, or bills are required.

When using Pluto TV, you will see that everything is displayed very clearly, in detail, but highly systematic. This smart arrangement from scratch gives users 3 benefits:

  • Enjoy the app’s features in the most intuitive and understandable way
  • Search more accurately and quickly
  • Easily manage your favorite channels/ movies/ shows. At the same time, when personalization is needed, there are fewer steps to operate

The systematicity in Pluto TV is most clearly shown in the application actively allocating and arranging TV channels and TV programs according to content categories: News, Featured, Entertainment, Movies, Sports, Comedy, Kids Channel, Lanio, and Tech + Geek.

  • News TV channels include: CNN, NBC News, CBS News
  • Sports Channels like Fox Sports, NFL Channel, PGA Tour, and Major League Soccer.
  • Drama: Pluto TV has the best series of hit movies, hit classics, and blockbusters. Like Total Recall, Last Holiday, Rango, Pulp Fiction, Hot Rod…. The rom-com genre has Legally Blonde, Overboard, Two Night Stand, Fiending for frights? Horror movies include Cloverfield, Hellraiser, Child’s Play…

Pluto TV is a product of Paramount company, used to watch TV on mobile, released in 2014 and quickly downloaded by many people because of its prestige and convenience. Unlike TV streaming services like Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV, Pluto curates free content already available on the web.

Pluto TV is free to use with the condition of account registration. It is very rare to use such an online and completely free TV viewing application. Pluto TV frankly showcases this unique ability and always notes some constraints that come with it, like signing up for an account and will there be ads during viewing. This account gives you special features like the ability to assign favorite channels and continue watching a show on another device.

Pluto TV does appear to be advertising in the current TV programs, but the advertising duration is almost negligible compared to the length of a program. The experience is quite similar to cable TV.

Download Pluto TV APK for Android

It can be said that Pluto TV is a good solution for those who want to use cable TV but do not want to pay monthly fees because the viewing time is not too much and is not fixed during the day. A big feature of Pluto TV is the ability to manage and arrange channels and TV content in a systematic and orderly manner. Although the interface is not very eye-catching, the fact that it is completely free has been a great gift for smartphone users.

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