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NamePhysiology & Pathology
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Physiology Pathology

Physiology & Pathology APK is an application to support the learning of Biology and Pathology with many topics and simulations of situations that need to be handled. It brings a lot of new knowledge, and at the same time, helps users deepen existing knowledge, creating conditions for learners to practice and prepare for work in real life.

Introduce about Physiology & Pathology

The practical application of learning Biology and Pathology!

Maybe you’ve seen a little bit somewhere in movies about Cardiovascular, respiratory, kidney, digestive and musculoskeletal… but no one has told you their structure of operation and the complex relationships between them in practice.

For students of Pharmacy, Medicine, Anatomy, and Biology in general, witnessing clinical experiments or doing direct experiments on animals, cadavers are all very rare opportunities in the learning process. And in many cases, the first time is still a very scary memory.

To bring the best, most detailed, and accurate in-depth knowledge, and at the same time, remove the fear of first contact with organs, an app like Physiology & Pathology is a wonderful gift that the technology brings to medical professionals.

What is Physiology & Pathology?

The app helps you see clearly what will happen when there is an abnormal physiological phenomenon inside the body. This application can be called a miracle for students of Biology, Anatomy, and Pathology.

Teaching through interactive lessons

The app offers interactive lessons to explain the Function, Operation Step, and interrelationship of common cardiovascular, renal, respiratory, digestive, and musculoskeletal processes. From there, it helps users understand that when A changes, how it can lead to changes of B, C, D in the body, and what the complications and consequences are.

Physiology & Pathology currently includes 48 physiology topics and 57 conditions, with 50 lessons, more than 5,800 3D models, 38 animations, 16 illustrations, and 26 quizzes.

What can users do?

If you want to learn, explore, or even deeply research the physiological structures inside the human body, or if you are doctors who want to practice Anatomy skills, you can download this app for long-term use. With Physiology & Pathology, you can do a lot of things:

  • Compare 3D models of normal anatomy with models of diseases and/or normal conditions. Thereby you can recognize the difference and remember possible abnormalities with parts of the human body.
  • Try simulating the heart rate set and visualize the fluid and blood conduction in a 3D heart. In this feature, you can also perform a hypothetical surgery on a beating heart to see the moving components inside and monitor the changes in the electrocardiogram.
  • View detailed animations of the physiological processes of gas exchange, pulmonary ventilation, fluid balance, peristalsis, and all the details of the interrelationships between the organs that play a role in circulation.
  • Dive into interactive lessons to understand the progression of atherosclerosis, kidney stones, lung cancer, and common human diseases.
  • Test your knowledge of various physiological and pathological processes with a series of quizzes from easy to difficult, from overview to detail, in all areas: biology, anatomy, and pathology.

With Physiology & Pathology, for the first time, you get to see firsthand the blood flow in the heart, the contractions of the muscles inside the internal organs, and the ECG. For all this obvious and practical knowledge, theoretical lessons in the classroom cannot yet cover them. Even if they can, your limited memory is hard to absorb all of them in a short time.

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Playing the role of an active teaching assistant, Physiology & Pathology has excellently fulfilled its role in bringing the most realistic, vivid, 3D practical knowledge to medical practitioners and students studying in the relevant major. It offers dynamic models, quizzes, simulation exercises, a ‘huge mountain’ of theory, and practice simulations of human organs. Physiology & Pathology is undoubtedly the miracle that technology has brought to the medical profession.

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