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Download and install Photoshop Camera APK file on APKMODY. New members of the Adobe family promise to bring you beautiful photos!

Introduce about Photoshop Camera

Currently, on the market, there are thousands of photography applications that allow users to transform their favorite photos to become more beautiful. It is impossible not to mention names that are familiar to everyone like Adobe Lightroom, PicsArts or especially Photoshop Camera – a free smart photography application that is loved and trusted by many people. Photoshop Camera is the newest member of the Adobe family, which was just released for free on Google Play on May 22, 2020. With a set of powerful features, this application promises to help you create quality and personalized photos.

Powerful toolkits with unique filters

Photoshop Camera provides users with over 80 custom filters including Studio Light, Bloom, Portrait, Food, Analog and more. Users can apply them to a variety of photos such as Selfie, food, landscapes without the need for a dedicated application on a certain aspect. Plus, the suite of editing tools gives users the freedom to adjust portraits with auto-toning / smoothing, brightening dark areas, reducing tones for obscured or optimal by using auto-editing with smart AI. Photoshop Camera does not require users to have skills in photoshop and still be able to use it fluently.

Thanks to real-time photo editing effects, landscape photos will become more wonderful and intuitive. Just by swiping left and right, users can easily apply filters and effects to photos, switch between filters quickly, or save them to favorites for use later.

Users can also use the effects before taking a picture or apply when the picture has been taken. Powerful tools that allow users to transform their photos even better. You can easily resize or crop to resize the image to suit the intended use. Use tools to blur the background, focus on the subject (portrait mode) or a specific area to highlight the object you want.

According to what I’ve felt after using it for a while, if you focus on filters and relying on AI too much, this app is just suitable for creating photos on social networks like Instagram or Facebook rather than works as a professional photographer.

Portrait mode

Lighting is one of the most important components of a beautiful photo. With Face Light and the ability to optimize light, Photoshop Camera can eliminate the appearance of dark areas, so that your portrait photos will become more fresh and radiant. In addition, for group selfies, this app also automatically identifies the location of each subject so as not to distort them. Powerful auto identification is highly appreciated, users just need to select the image and it will know what effects to apply to create a picture suitable for the landscape. In addition, the blur effect is also easier to apply thanks to the Bokeh feature.

Professional lens

Especially if you love photo filters, color correction of some photographers but can not create color copies like them, Photoshop Camera is capable of meeting this requirement. With many filters inspired by famous artists, you’ll be able to see your own work through the eyes of your favorite photographers using their custom-made lenses.

Easy to share

Photoshop Camera supports almost all file formats like RAW and allows exporting high-resolution images. It also allows users to refer to great photos from top photo editors around the world. The developer has also linked the app to many popular social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. So if you own beautiful photos, don’t hesitate to share it with everyone!

MOD APK version of Photoshop Camera

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Download Photoshop Camera APK for Android

Although is the youngest in the Adobe big-family and just launched recently, Photoshop Camera is gradually asserting its position. Basically, the application is capable of meeting all the needs of users for an application to take and edit photos on mobile devices. With a range of great editing tools and filters, the original compositions will be more sparkling than ever.

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