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Opera Mini APK will be your dear companion helping you browse the web super-fast thanks to its ability to compress data. Moreover, it can save your data when accessing by 3G. Let’s learn about this beneficial application to see how amazing it is!

Introduce about Opera Mini

The super web browser for 3G saving with lots of great features!

Why should you choose Opera Mini among many mobile web browsers today?

Everyone has their preferences. Sometimes their choices are partly influenced by habits, device memory limitations, and the comfort it gives. So now I can only list the strengths of each application, then whether choosing it or not is your choice.

Before deciding to use a web browsing application, I also considered many opinions. Finally, I chose to try the 3 most recommended apps by friends to find the one fitting me best. After nearly 2 weeks of experience, there was only Opera Mini left on my phone.

The reason why I chose it is simple. For me, a web browser must first help me browse the web well, and it must ensure the security and privacy of users. In addition, some basic to advanced operations such as watching and downloading videos, downloading files must also ensure fast speed and compatibility. And these two are done very well in Opera Mini so far. Another secret reason is that since I used BlackBerry, I had used Opera to browse the web for quite a long time. So now, when I use Opera Mini again, I feel a bit nostalgic and interested. So, I decided to stay with it forever.

Opera Mini offers high-speed web browsing, good security, and safety

After trying a few web browsers, I found Opera Mini is slightly better than the others in speed. Researching more, I have learned that Opera Mini is the fastest browser now, 72% faster than Google Chrome and 64% faster than UC Browser on mobile. All thanks to intelligent data compression technology over the network. At the same time, it also saves more 3G data if you turn on the 3G mode in no-Internet places (reduce 3.5 times 3G data compared to Chrome and equivalent to half of UC Browser).

Effective ad blocking

You know, in the introduction summary of many mobile applications, in general, and some web browsers, in particular, there are all listed as no ads or good ad blocking… But in fact, things are not as introduced. Somewhere on the web, there are still many ads of all forms and genres and a few small ads pop up in the footer… Well, those ads do not cause harm because most of us never click on them. But they can leave us feeling uncomfortable. And the discomfort will increase if they appear all the time.

But don’t worry because now you have Opera, which can please you much more than you can think. It’s not exaggerating at all. Opera Mini says what it really has and does exactly what in the introduction. I appreciate this honesty very much. Above all, it is a firm commitment to users. 

The ad-blocker feature in Opera Mini really works well. The screen is clean, neat, without traces of miscellaneous ads. You may have a clean and comfortable screen. You can even feel luxurious like you’re a VIP client who pays for a no-ads app. That’s not to mention when the ads are blocked, it can help you browse the web faster and better protect your device’s health, and shorten the risk of being hacked.

Some operations (like movie watching, files and videos downloading) can be performed quickly and simply

Also, thanks to the intelligent data compression mentioned above, Opera Mini can handle all video file textures, helping you to watch and download any favorite video from the internet quickly without any difficulty. 

Unique feature: Send files quickly without internet

I was surprised by this feature a lot. Opera Mini supports users to send files from one phone to another using the same Opera Mini. You can send all files including pictures, videos, files with super-fast speed, up to 300 MB/s, and NO INTERNET NEEDED.

Imagine being offline or facing some problems with the internet. If with other applications, you might be stuck, unable to do anything. However, with Opera Mini, you can send files without delay or bad effect to your work. It’s too convenient, right?

Equally great set of extras

There are also convenient extra features such as day and night browsing. And one more interesting feature is the website shortcuts on the phone home page, letting you quick access to your favorite websites with just one touch from the home screen. This is my great way to read the news every day. Just touch the icon to go straight to the news page, skim a few headlines, and then come back to work. Love it so much!

Two more features of Opera Mini I also love are Scanning the QR code right on the homepage of the application without any other apps and the feature of changing the font and the language. It absolutely does not affect all other displays on the phone. Unique!

Another suggestion for you: Google Chrome.

Download Opera Mini APK for Android

In short, if you need a compact, smart web browser that helps you browse the web, download files fast like an arrow, and save 3G data, and provides a series of high-utility extra functions, Opera Mini will be the best choice.

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