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NewPipe APK is an Android application that can be used as an alternative to YouTube. Now you no longer have to be annoyed by some of YouTube’s stuck operations on mobile and tablet. With NewPipe, the experience of watching movies and listening to music will probably be much different. You also do not need to create an account and you can view everything with absolutely no ads.

Introduce about NewPipe

The application to smoothly watch movies and listen to music on YouTube for free and without ads!

You know, YouTube is the most powerful video and music community today. It is a place to gather many movies and all kinds of videos and clips in all fields. But because of having so many things, the YouTube application on mobile devices still has many shortcomings.

In that situation, to bring the best movie and clip viewing experience with YouTube, some developers have made their watching applications for YouTube. These alternative applications often solve one or a few disadvantages of YouTube, but they are not completely satisfactory. One of the free apps that has a lot of advantages, removal of ads, and not too many disadvantages, is NewPipe.

Watch YouTube without ads

Especially popular clips with a lot of views have too many ads, which is one of the most annoying things about watching YouTube. But if you have NewPipe, you will no longer see these disruptive interstitial ads.

Using NewPipe, you also do not need to register an account, which is very convenient for occasional users. But this also means that you won’t be able to get the Watch History sections, favorite channels. Moreover, the app does not recommend clips according to your taste, nor can you comment on a certain clip. Win this, lose that. If you don’t take these things too seriously and just want to watch YouTube for short-term entertainment, then NewPipe is absolutely a good choice.

What can be done on NewPipe?

As an application that has been further improved to compensate for the bad parts of YouTube, NewPipe will help you watch all video content on YouTube for completely free, and without ads.

It also comes with several special features such as downloading video and audio, listening to music while the screen is off, activating the miniature video playback interface.

The interface is new but easier to use than YouTube

Compared to the display on the YouTube application, the interface of NewPipe is somewhat easier to use. It displays videos in 3 main categories to ensure all search and lookup needs of users. The search engine is on the top corner, where you can comfortably enter the keywords you want to find and quickly get the results.

Download video and audio files easily 

One of the great shortcomings of the YouTube mobile application today is that it does not support downloading files to the device. But do not worry as NewPipe can do this. Users can easily download music, video files with different quality levels to their device.

When downloading videos and audio files, you can choose from 3 download methods: Video, Audio, or Subtitles. Downloading is simple, just click on the video you want to watch, select download, choose the quality level (maximum is 2K and 4K), select a destination on your mobile, and start the download process.

Support pop-up mode

While you cannot view YouTube while doing other tasks, NewPipe can. The app supports the Pop-up feature to help you watch videos in a smaller interface and do other things on the same screen. Depending on your activity, you can choose to change the size and position of the pop-up window for the most convenience.

Watch videos at any network connection

Video quality can also be customized. This capability gives users the freedom to adjust the quality to match their current network connection. Or if you don’t want to adjust manually for each video, you can choose the default automatic mode. This means that NewPipe will automatically adjust the output video with quality commensurate with the quality of the current network connection to ensure your most stable and seamless experience.

Download NewPipe APK for Android

If you are looking for an alternative to YouTube that is free to use without registration, without ads, and with downloadable capabilities and many powerful customizations, I think NewPipe should be on the top of your first choices.

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