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Package Namecom.oceanlook.facee
PublisherPalette Cartoon Photo Editor APP
CategoryPhotos & Videos
MOD FeaturesVIP Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Mokoroom MOD APK is a cartoon-style image editing application based on modern AI technology. With this amazing app, you can transform your photo in seconds.

Introduce about Mokoroom

The AI-based image editing application that fixes pictures quickly with many attractive animation effects

Should we trust photo editing applications with AI?

Recently, there are many editing applications in different styles based on AI technology. We cannot ignore the risks when your photos fall into the hands of people with bad intentions, but we cannot deny the incredible attraction of these high-tech applications.

There are still a few cases where you can feel safe to use those apps because the finished product is purely for entertainment purposes. They’re funny and there’s no way your photos can be used to do other dark schemes. One of those safe apps is Mokoroom.

What makes Mokoroom different from other photo editors on mobile?

Mokoroom is a completely free cartoon-style photo editing application, without logos and with a variety of beautiful animation effects. Mokoroom is different from other photo editing applications because it relies on modern AI technology to perform automatic editing operations, helping to create animated images in just a few short seconds.

You can use any image of yourself/ the scene, and choose your favorite photo editing features in the app. Instantly, the original photo will quickly turn into a work of art. Almost every feature in Mokoroom is done with just one touch. Next, you can add more stickers and filters to make the image more interesting. Then click the share button to turn the image into a cover or profile photo for your social network account.

Converting real images into cartoons

Cartoon-style images always bring a sense of fun and satire to viewers. But the problem of many apps with similar functions is that the animated images look quite fake, or sometimes even too different from the real people, making the owners not even recognize themselves.

When making cartoon images with Mokoroom, you will get an image that is closest to you, and recognizable just by looking at it. You can load an existing image into the application or open the app to take a selfie, then use the Cartoon image function, wait a few seconds to have the finished product.

That whole conversion happens automatically. You don’t need to manually edit it or add any supporting applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, or other software applications. All you need is an original photo and one touch.

Once you have the animation you want, you can proceed through the rest of Mokoroom’s features to complete your unique edited image.

Stylish templates

Mokoroom offers many different templates: food, landscape, festival, cartoon… Depending on your personal preference, you can choose any of your favorite templates. Note that, for optimal results, the suitability of the image should be considered. For example, for a selfie, the food template will be a bit weird, you may need to choose another. However, there are no rules at all. You always have the freedom to be creative when using Mokoroom to adjust everything on the image.

With the Stylish templates function, Mokoroom will help you reduce at least half the editing time compared to manually tweaking each feature. In addition to the current templates, Mokoroom also always updates new ones, so that your images are always inspired, always new, and most clearly show your creative style.

Filters of many styles

After you select the available templates of Mokoroom for your photo, you can also apply Filters to create color and depth effects. Many different filters are divided into clusters and each is a different style. In which:

  • Classical or pop art style filters will help you capture every happy moment of your life.
  • Vintage filters & VHS filters with film camera effects will bring your photos back to the old days.
  • Artistic filters will give you the freedom to draw caricatures on your photos
  • Oil painting filters, sketch filters help transform the strokes in the picture into different brushes and colors of painting art.

Free 3D photo effects

After editing, the image may still not be 100% as you want it to be. You can use the 3D Photo Effects feature cluster to edit photos to add a 3D feel. You can:

  • Double exposure: multiple exposures can be applied to the same image to create the necessary brightness and depth of the image.
  • Then use the rich 3D templates to create your 3D animations.
  • Choose from the Sticker emoticons that are numerous and monumental in terms of quantity. They are small. But if you mix them properly, they will make the image much funnier.

In addition, it also has a 3D cartoon Avatar filter, thereby you can turn yourself into a cartoon character.

After editing, remember to Save and use the Share button if you want to share this fun and lovely cartoon image with your friends. If you like it, you can pick it as a cover or change your social network account profile.

Face swap editing feature

Mokoroom does this thanks to AI technology that makes good use of facial recognition. You can quickly turn your face into an image of a tiger, deer, bear… These face changes, you see, are purely for entertainment. Surely no one would use such a funny and lovely image in serious matters. So, I’m always wary of other applications that put a person’s face in another place or a short video. But when it comes to Mokoroom, I think you can feel free to try it out. So far, it’s still good and safe.

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Mokoroom is a super great application that transforms your photo into an animation based on AI technology. It also comes with a series of interesting features to support users’ borderless creative process. 

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