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NameLucid Launcher Pro
Package Namecom.powerpoint45.launcherpro
PublisherLucid Dev Team
MOD FeaturesNo
VersionV6.0243 PRODUCTION
PriceFREE $2.99
RequiresAndroid 4.0

Lucid Launcher Pro APK is an Android launcher for those users looking for an app of minimalism, convenience, and functionality. The application is compact, convenient to use, and you will get used to it very quickly.

Introduce about Lucid Launcher Pro

A minimalist launcher with efficient concise features

What is a Launcher?

The much-loved feature of Android devices lies in their powerful Customization capabilities. While with iOS, you have to stick to a certain pre-installed interface from the beginning. Now come to Android, it will allow users to redefine the look of every page on their device. Users are free to customize the design and the way it works to best suit their style and intended use.

And to do this customization well, the simplest way is to find a suitable Launcher application.

If you are looking for a Launcher application that brings a completely new interface in a minimalist style that is easy to use, intuitive, and unique, then Lucid Launcher Pro is one of the best choices today. 

Lucid Launcher Pro provides a clean interface

The reason many people like to keep their home screen (and inner interface) clean is that they want to easily focus on the main functions of their phone (emailing, chatting, online meetings, calling…) instead of worrying about complicated effects on each interface. In addition, if the phone is always simple and clean, you can select the required feature so quickly. It will save you a lot of time and effort instead of having to go through many complicated interface pages over and over.

In a forest of Launcher applications, you can easily see that the interface style that Lucid Launcher Pro is pursuing is almost completely different. It follows the minimalist school that simplifies everything, making every interface on your Android device clean, tidy, and easy to see.

The light Launcher application does not take up much memory space

The more complex images, textures, and effects, the more difficult it is to keep track of the updated content inside, and it’s also heavier for the device. Lucid Launcher Pro is as minimalist as possible. It’s all about focusing on the big and small color boxes and interesting color combinations. Its goal is to create a beautiful, unique, and light Launcher application that anyone can use quickly.

Highly customizable characteristic 

Not only does it have a simple, neat appearance, but Lucid Launcher Pro also helps users to dive into the customizations inside each page. Edit icons, text, interfere with the icons of other third-party applications… All you can do these jobs easily in Lucid Launcher Pro.

Many utilities for different mobile usage habits

If you have a habit of using mobile phones by one hand, then Lucid Launcher Pro also offers the ability to scroll the screen vertically, which is very convenient, and significantly fast.

If you like to change app locations to keep your phone fresh, then Lucid Launcher Pro can help too. You just need to drag and drop the applications you need to the home screen for quick access or hold the icons to put them in the following folders or pages.

In addition, Lucid Launcher Pro also has the following useful small features:

  • Hide apps in the favorites folder
  • More pages
  • Create 2 homepages at the same time
  • Create custom themes for the sidebar
  • Support search of any application or folder on the device even in hidden mode
  • Add icon for the folder
  • Choose a color for the folder
  • Display a summary of notifications in a brief form (messages, to-do list, to-do notes, emails, social media activities, etc.)
  • Support Widgets, folders, and shortcuts 

These are small features, but when you use them, you will find them convenient, making the process of using the device more dynamic and concise than ever.

Download Lucid Launcher Pro APK free for Android

Lucid Launcher Pro is completely free with no ads. It follows the minimalist school, has a good level of customization, and has many small features that are useful in practice. If you follow the school of minimalism, you should choose Lucid Launcher Pro for your device. Lucid Launcher Pro is currently available in Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, French, and several others. 

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