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If one day you find yourself with too much anxiety and depression, try to find a professional meditation application like Lojong MOD APK.

Introduce about Lojong

Let’s live a happier, calmer and more focused life.

The busy society with many pressures and worries will always bring a feeling of burden and indescribable frustration in everyone. We all have things to worry or to feel pressured about. Not to mention hundreds of different emotions up and down during the day can put your endurance to the limit. That’s why you need an antidote to soothe your soul and heal your wounds. At this point, meditation is one of the best medicines for your soul today.

Meditation not only helps you relieve anxiety but also much more. A proper meditation will relax the mind and help comfort the body. Thereby the ability to focus and work productivity of the next day will increase, you gradually become more self-reliant in stressful situations. The surrounding relationships are also getting better and better. This is the real value of meditation.

You may not know it, but if you are directly depressed, life will quickly become hell. Not to mention the relationships around are alarmingly bad. Your life will be immersed in negative thoughts, and you may spread bad energy to everyone around me. And what is the most important is that only the people with depression and stress must find a way to overcome it by themselves if they don’t want their life to slide in despair. In those serious situations, Meditation is also a very good way.

Why do we need an application with many meditation methods?

There are many people who are still mistaken about the two different extremes of meditation. Some people think that it is a boring sedentary sport and has insignificant effect on health. Others think that they themselves are not suitable for meditation because it is difficult for them to be able to stay still and do complex movements.

Both ways of thinking are one-sided and reflect only a part of meditation. Meditation has many branches, many methods, and with each way you will find what works for you. It is best to find an application that has all these methods with specific instructions and analysis. After that, you will see what you really need.

Today I want to introduce to you a detailed, useful, and complete meditation learning application for all needs called Lojong.

What’s outstanding about Lojong?

Lojong is an application that provides videos, reminders, specific methods, and detailed step-by-step schedules to guide users to learn how to meditate effectively with high commitment.

Not just general guidelines, conventions, and common denominators, Lojong will provide detailed questions for you to fill out. Then based on that information, the app will recommend one of the most suitable meditation methods for your reference. There are also 2-3 other backup methods of the same class in case you want to learn more. Each method is accompanied by a Ten-Step Progression for an intensive home workout. Each step comes with detailed instructions, video demonstrations and detailed reminders, allocating a calendar for the day so you can follow it and get the most out of it.

With this approach, no matter what type of person you are, active or quiet, little time or plenty of spare time in the day, you will find a method that is right for you. This is something that very few meditation apps on mobile can do.

Self-monitor your workout progress

One of the great capabilities of Lojong is in the Self-Monitoring mode of training so that users can draw their own training effectiveness, and at the same time have a comparison with the exercise chart originally set out.

Reducing depression and anxiety

This is considered one of the main reasons leading people to meditation. The meditation methods contained in Lojong all share a common background: significantly reduce anxiety, depression levels and ease feelings of tension in the mind.

Each “healing” process in Lojong usually lasts for five weeks. It integrates diverse themed practices based on weekly mindfulness programs. There are themes of gratitude, anger management, calmness, simplicity, and happiness. Each theme has its own meaning and helps to “sow seeds” of a sustainable and peaceful soul.

When practicing with Lojong, be sure to enable the “Not disturb” mode so that no one or nothing can distract you such as a missed call or an email notification.

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If you feel a little bit of anxiety, a little bit of stress, then learning to meditate through Lojong will be a good way to move forward more steadily. If you are unfortunately suffering from depression or despair, a detailed meditation learning application with specific instructions like Lojong will help you revive your life and heal damaged relationships around. Whoever you are, Lojong will still be by your side.

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