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“Health is the most important thing”. This is a quote that makes us think and change. Lifesum Premium APK (MOD Unlocked) will assist you in improving your health easily when you download it on your Android device.

Introduce about Lifesum

Lifesum is an application of the health category. If you are looking to improve fitness and your health, do not miss it.

Set a personal plan

Upon launching Lifesum for the first time, it allows you to choose one of three goals to work towards for people who are experiencing weight problems. These include: need to lose weight (need to set a smart diet), need to maintain current weight (more optimized), need to gain weight (make a plan with high protein foods). Then, fill in the current height and weight information. The system will analyze and propose plans for each period.

I wanted to increase to 8kg with parameters: men, 176cm and 65kg. The plan that I set up within 16 weeks, the goal to achieve each week is 0.5kg. Of course, they can be changed.

Set a smart diet

Lifesum is responsible for a specific diet for each weight problem you choose. These include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All have been calculated the number of absorbed calories. You only need to go to the food list, then select the dishes as desired.

Sync with other health apps

The Premium version offers more powerful features to help you reach your plan as quickly and optimally as possible. The special thing to mention is the ability to connect with other applications such as Google Fit, Fitbit, Withings, Runkeeper and Endomondo. There, there are many recommended exercises, you can choose to start an exercise that burns calories for better health, stimulates digestion and absorption of substances.

Discover new plans

There are many optimal plans to have a better body without causing the difficulty in the change process you are looking for. For example, Ketogenic to reduce carbohydrates and increase the amount of good fat for the body. The ultimate goal is to lose weight faster, prevent diabetes and support the treatment of brain dysfunction. However, building a guaranteed menu still makes you full, nutritious and including glucose is quite complicated. But forget it, because Lifesum has researched and provided the best quality recommendations.

In addition, the application also has Meal Plans, Enhanced Heath, and a balanced diet such as Food for strength with protein-rich foods or Clean eating with a nutritious menu. You will have to complete seven short questions raised by the application. The purpose of this is to collect information to establish optimal plans, tailored to your body.

Track your diet

You can use the camera to scan barcodes for products to get information about nutrient flow, the proportion of Carbs, Protein, FAT and the relative calories it contains.

Recipe collection

Sometimes, you have free time and want to go to the kitchen to cook something. However, if you want it to be nutritionally secure and don’t have too many calories, check out the Recipes feature. Here, there are quite a number of categories, including Snack and the hottest dishes. All ingredients have been calculated for their respective weight and calories.

In addition, suggestions for three meals a day include breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can create a menu, combined with the weight gain or weight plan that has been selected earlier here.

Visual chart

Lifesum integrates an analyzer based on the amount of food and the exercises you have done. They will update and put up the chart after each day. There, there is information about the number of nutrients absorbed such as Protein, Sugar, Carbs, Cholesterol, Sodium, etc. It will also make comparisons between the plan’s input goals and what that you have achieved. From there, you will know how you need to adjust accordingly.

MOD APK version of Lifesum

MOD features

  • Premium Unlocked.
  • Remove Ads.
  • Disable Analytics/Crashlytics.
  • Support Multiple Languages.

Download Lifesum Premium MOD APK for Android

With Lifesum, you can easily get in body and weight as desired. The company’s development team has worked hard, conducting research for long periods of time to provide you with the right menus and training regimen. In the future, they continue to release updates to improve performance and add new features.

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    I’ve downloaded this app and everything was OK but I have some issues with the code bar because It doesn’t work.

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