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Package Namecom.lensa.app
PublisherPrisma Labs, Inc.
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RequiresAndroid 8.0

Lensa MOD APK is a photo editing application that emphasizes the naturalness of every detail. With Lensa in your hand, you will no longer have to worry about your adjusted photos looking fake…

Introduce about Lensa

Photo Editor for Perfect Pictures

Maybe Lensa will be your new “true love”?

There are too many photo editing applications, so choose which one to use now? If you are still wondering what is suitable for you or have used too many photo editing apps but are still not 100% satisfied with them, you can try Lensa. Maybe this will be your true love. Who knows?

Lensa is a photo editing app for selfie photos and any other ones in your mobile gallery. It also looks normal and like hundreds of other photo editors. But when you use it and look at it closely, you will realize that Lensa is what you have been looking for all along.

Because photo editing features in Lensa always emphasize naturalness and lightness

Not everyone likes loud, flashy, and overly bold things. Once you have been keen on photo editing for a while, you may understand that the photos’ beauty and charm lie in their authenticity and naturalness. At first, you may always want to make your photos fine-tuning with many strange and personality effects, and a few colorful light filters. But it just looks good a few times, and then it can become so boring if you edit overly. And you realize that above all, a photo that keeps naturalness inside is still the most beautiful and luxurious.

So, you set out to find a new truth, a photo editing application in a natural, simple, and rustic style. It is also the time to come to Lensa.

Lensa also has many filters, but they are all very gentle and close to you

You can take pictures through the application’s built-in camera or use available photos in the library to edit. Next, we can edit many things on the photos, such as removing fonts, blurring backgrounds, changing skin, adding filters, fixing red eyes… You are free to edit your photo for a better look.

But I’m sure that after using any of Lensa’s features and effects, you will have to say, “Oh, so natural, it’s still me, but a better version”.

If you consider this editing function as a make-up style, it can be considered as Korean-style transparent make-up, the kind of make-up like no make-up. It is meticulous and detailed yet not exaggerated.

To do this, Lensa pays a lot of attention to two big features: Skin Regeneration and Eye Correction.

Super lovely skin regeneration function

Let me give you an example about the most interesting feature of Lensa that I often use, Skin Regeneration. When you select this item, your skin in the photo will appear more vibrant, fresh, and energetic but still natural. Putting the before-after editing photos in comparison, you in the edited photo will look much more radiant but not too different.

And when you don’t want to edit it manually, you can use the Auto-Adjust feature for a perfect photo with just a tap. This feature comes with natural acne removal to erase blemishes on the skin and face, whiten teeth, and change hair color…

Edit the eyes for a wonderful window of the soul

In addition to recreating the skin, this app also pays great attention to the eyes. You know, the eyes show the spirit, personality, and charisma of the person. The eye correction feature in Lensa is very detailed, from trimming eyebrows to intervening very lightly in eye color, eyelashes, removing puffiness, and crow feet at the corners of the eyes. You can customize everything for your eyes to be more sparkling while keeping the original appearance and natural aura.

Lensa turns your phone camera into a professional camera

For a natural photo maintaining brightness and simplicity without too much editing, we cannot ignore another factor, the input quality of the photo. That can refer to camera quality on mobile. Either you use the front or rear camera mode, the photos taken by the phone’s built-in camera almost cannot be compared to the sharp, romantic quality of a photo taken by a professional camera.

But don’t worry about this anymore. Lensa provides a special feature set to turn your mobile camera into a real camera. By controlling various stats, such as lens correction, shutter correction, image blur, etc., you will be able to intervene more in the ability of a mobile camera. And this intervention will give much better photos before going through the editing stages in Lensa.

Two other important features 

They are the ability to blur the background and the function to change the background. These features are also very delicate and natural, and you can hardly see the cuts around the subject in the photo. The new background or the blurred background are both very natural.

After the photo has been edited, you can immediately share it on social networks via the Share tool on Lensa.

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In general, Lensa has all of those features of photo editing applications. But everything in Lensa is at the next level because of the naturalness and meticulousness of each editing stage. You can even upgrade the built-in mobile camera for a better quality of input photos. Those who want to edit photos like that, please download Lensa right away!

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