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Launcher iOS 15 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v8.5.4

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NameLauncher iOS 15
Package Namecom.launcher.ioslauncher.launcherios
PublisherSaSCorp Apps Studio
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.2

Although I’m a fan of Android, many times I am curious to know how the iPhone interface or operation is used. If you’re like me, you should try Launcher iOS 15 MOD APK. This is an amazing app that will turn your Android phone into iPhone.

Introduce about Launcher iOS 15

Turn your Android phone into iPhone!

Why should turn an Android phone into iPhone?

There are dozens of reasons why one would want the iPhone interface on their Android phone. Some people are curious about what an operating system that governs more than half of the world looks like. Some people simply want to experience something new. Others love the iPhone, but their hands are forced to use Android due to financial reasons or some other difficult obstacle. I just want to change to the iPhone interface to see if it’s as good as rumored.

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At first, the phone is just for texting and calling. People’s needs increase, it also has more and more modern function, gradually everyone no longer wants to use the old mobile phones. Then the iPhone was born, the touch screen first appeared, do you remember how it went viral and shocked the world? At that time, our whole company was in turmoil, everyone spent hours on weekends waiting in line to buy iPhones. A new era begins here.

Then when Android arrived, the world became more vibrant than ever. The competition is getting more and more intense over the phone generations. Two operating systems and two smartphone lines have always developed in parallel, both have their world and customer groups. But sometimes people still have comparisons, contrasts and then say the pros and cons of each operating system. That does not change consumer habits, Android fans still return to Android, iPhone fans still buy iPhones. But inadvertently those comparisons have piqued curiosity. This iOS 15 Launcher application is also made from there. The main purpose is to satisfy the curiosity of Android fans about the iPhone.

What iOS is different from Android?

The biggest difference between the two operating systems iOS and Android on mobile probably lies in customization. iOS is mostly constant, the interface of the system is stiff and less likely to interfere. Every iPhone is the same in terms of interface.

Launcher iOS 15 for Android

While Android is highly customizable, highly personalized, customization is also very easy and not too complicated.

But in return, the iOS interface is neat, organized, and looks more professional. As for the interface of Android phones, because of its high customization, it is easy to become spread, loosely structured, and not as optimal as it looks.

But to say the difference like this is also quite abstract, hard to imagine unless you hold it in your hand, look at it, and experience it. To do so, the easiest way is to use this iOS 15 Launcher app.

What is Launcher iOS 15?

Launcher iOS 15 is a pretty cool app. It helps turn your Android phone into an iPhone.

How to use Launcher iOS 15 is very simple: install the application on your Android phone, select the Home application as Launcher iOS 15 when opening the app and it’s done. In just one minute, you can experience the feeling of using the iOS operating system without any hesitation. People can also install other features on their mobile phones after turning their phone into iPhone like changing icon widget, lock screen, wallpaper…

Honestly, after installing it, it seems even more suitable, the phone seems to be smoother. If there is a serious problem or error, it will take more time to know. For now, it’s still very good.

Not only changing the appearance but Launcher iOS 15 also intervenes more deeply

In addition to changing the shape, putting on a new coat for Android phones, Launcher iOS 15 also has some notable extra features. FOr example, you will have Notification Center for smart notification management, easy notification viewing with a notification grouping feature. It also provides a Control Center for quick access and control of basic features such as on and off Wifi, flash, airplane mode, and many other features like in the Settings section of the iPhone.

Launcher iOS 15 APK download

In addition, Launcher iOS 15 also supports Spotlight Search, allowing users to search for applications and contacts from anywhere on the screen. Simply swipe down, the search bar will immediately appear for you to type in the keywords you want to find.

Launcher iOS 15 also provides a Lock Screen with two types of passwords: PIN code and swipe in the same shape as how to lock the screen on iPhone phones.

Launcher iOS 15 also integrates Assistive Touch, 3D Touch. You can also freely add widgets on the home screen.

MOD APK version of Launcher iOS 15

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Launcher iOS 15 APK & MOD for Android

Launcher iOS 15 works smoothly, small in size, mid-range Android smartphones can also be experienced easily after a simple setting. If you are curious, let download Launcher iOS 15 right away and experience it.

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