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Package Nameeu.sheikhsoft.internetguard
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RequiresAndroid 5.1

Download and install the app InternetGuard APK to control Internet access on your Android device.

Introduce about InternetGuard

InternetGuard is an application from the developer SheikhoSoft. It can help users to check, allow or deny access to the Internet of applications installed on the device.

Currently, this application has been released on both iOS and Android platforms, attracting millions of users. If you want to control in more detail for each application on your device, you probably do not want to miss InternetGuard.

Block third-party Internet access

Sometimes your mobile device will automatically download and install unknown applications on the Internet. You know, when things happen like that, there’s a high chance that the application contains viruses. They will cause your device to stagnate, or worse, your information was stolen by hacker.

However, once you have used InternetGuard, those things will be solved easily. You can filter and authorize each application to connect to the Internet or block the connection at a time. Thanks to this strict control, you can prevent unwanted agents.

On the other hand, blocking Internet access also helps you reduce data usage and save battery power for your device. You easily control the applications and increase your privacy. When a new application accesses the Internet, this application will immediately notify you. This will keep you up to date on what is happening on your device.

Many options

InternetGuard offers plenty of options to give you the best experience. You can optionally allow Internet connection when turning on the screen. This will save you time when there is no need to make an internet connection manually anymore. Moreover, it also prevents applications from running in the background unnecessarily.

Roaming and blocking system apps are also optional to give you more control. You can even block individual addresses on each application. It’s convenient, right?

A smart application

After installing InternetGuard, the application will automatically start with the device that you will not need to install. InternetGuard also automatically identifies the applications that are installed on your device for easier management. If you want to use InternetGuard with friends and relatives, it is also very easy. Because this application has support for many device users.

In addition, InternetGuard also supports connection sharing, supporting IPv6, TCP, UDP and IPv4. However, it only supports Android devices from 5.1 and up.

InternetGuard is committed to protecting by Android firewall without requiring Root. No calls, no tracking or data usage analysis. Ensure maximum privacy for users. In addition, this application operates under the motto “customer comments help the application to grow more”, they own an enthusiastic staff ready to support every time of the day.

Protect yourself from hackers

This is one of the outstanding features that help InternetGuard be trusted and used every day. Thanks to this feature, you can easily check the data usage for each application. Just click on the main screen, choose data usage to see how much data you use each day.

Besides, InternetGuard uses the VPN package on your device to create firewalls. All data sent or received by applications are processed by InternetGuard before come to your phone.

InternetGuard displays a network speed chart. You can view your network speed situation via status bar notification. In addition, InternetGuard records all outbound traffic as logs, analyzes traffic by exporting PCAP files, searches and filters other traffic attempts.

Professional interface

InternetGuard is designed with a simple but no less professional interface. Thus, even without instructions, you can easily use this application.

There are two main interfaces used in InternetGuard, light and dark, with five new themes added. These subjects are suitable for working in the daytime or at night without affecting vision.

Download InternetGuard APK for Android

Owning InternetGuard, you will no longer worry about the device automatically downloading malicious applications for your device. In addition, blocking the Internet access of some unnecessary applications also helps the network speed become faster. With smart and powerful features, InternetGuard deserves to be one of the indispensable applications for everyone.

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