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Homedy APK is a high-quality Vietnamese real estate application that has just reached the top 5 of the best technology supporters for the real estate market. It is truly the right hand for anyone who is having any needs related to house, land, warehouse…

Introduce about Homedy

One of the best real estate apps in Vietnam!

Homedy is one of the young startups that just received investment from 3 large capital sources at the same time a few years ago. And in a short time, it has risen to become one of the most popular real estate applications in Vietnam. After using Homedy for a short time to see what makes this application different from other applications with the same function, I must admit: Homedy is very good.

Smart search in Homedy

Finding a house, a real estate property that is qualified and suitable with your Financial capability in the most convenient and fast way is the standard of any real estate application. And to achieve this goal, it must have the ability to search intelligently and have many criteria to filter information well, deep and wide enough and in detail.

In Homedy, you can use the powerful filter tool to find exactly what you’re looking for. There are many criteria to sort the search results and narrow the information for users, such as searching by geographical area, by owner or broker, by the time of construction (for home or office, warehouse, factory…), by price range, by payment policy, by type of papers the real estate has (including House ownership certificate by the owner or House ownership certificate by joint owner transferring of title or notarization of Bailiff, handwritten papers) and type of lands (agricultural land, land for growing annual crops…).

Just filter and you will get the results in less than a second. This is a powerful tool that not many real estate applications can do great.

Admirable database

Currently, Homedy is holding more than 5,000 projects, more than 300,000 properties for rent and sale including land plots, private houses, apartments, villas, factories, warehouses stretching across the provinces, communes, and wards throughout the country. This data is updated continuously and increases day by day. The number of users also increases over time, which goes hand in hand with the popularity of the application among all user classes.

This is a huge effort of the app team. This success is a conspicuous result because of Homedy’s rather elaborate and monumental start.

Many attractive features for users 

In the app-making world, there is a concept called “opportunity feature”. Those are the features that if you are not really a test user and do not really put yourself in the position of the person in need, you will not be able to do it well.

I’ve tried a lot of apps. Some stagnate and can’t develop any more in the future. Some have something wrong from the beginning. It’s because the developer does not understand the users well enough to satisfy their secret needs. But no worry anymore because now we have Homedy, which is one of the very few Vietnamese applications that have met this criterion.

For example, Homedy has a feature that calculates loan interest for users. You are considering a house or a piece of land. And the owner or real estate company has support for bank loans. Users can choose whether to pay the entire purchase through a bank loan or pay it all by themselves and do the legal papers on the same day. If you choose to borrow from a bank, you will enter the time you want to pay off the debt (within 5/10/15 years…). At this time, Homedy will automatically link to get data from the bank where the owner has a loan policy connection, then add information about the total amount of the house’s price and your desired payment time, to get a detailed spreadsheet of how much you will need to pay monthly once you decide to buy this home.

The spreadsheet is as detailed as a bank’s spreadsheet with columns: month, original amount, interest amount, remaining amount, advance notice of maturity if any, and a forecast of interest rates that may change in the future. 

Let me give you an example to imagine how insightful this Homedy application is.

In addition, there are several other great sub-features hidden in the “small but mighty” features of Homedy, such as comparing projects with the same standards, assessing the real estate market through expense reports by geographical area…

Among these dozens of useful features, I highly appreciate the creators of the application for providing the following super convenient capabilities:

  • Help users find utilities around the real estate you are planning to buy
  • Provides accurate, up-to-date satellite maps
  • Calculates loan interest
  • Allows users to chat directly with brokers or landlords
  • Provides the feature to refer to the price of houses and apartments by area, to see whether the house you are intending to buy is really at the right market price compared to nearby houses.

This feature set clearly shows that Homedy is a real estate app with significant depth. The app makers must actually use and understand it very well to make such a helpful product. In my opinion, Homedy will go far in the future.

The modern, minimalistic interface where you can easily find information

As a real estate “book”, one of the first requirements must be easy-to-find and easy-to-understand. The interface of Homedy is very good, the design is modern, minimalist, the font color is suitable and beautiful. Whenever you search for property information, the results appear very clear to see, easy to go into details. The detail page of each real estate also has the same simple and easy-to-understand style above. Selected, clear images with logo and detailed information are displayed right below with the contact of the poster.

Everything is neat, tidy, and friendly, which is very suitable for searching a lot of complex data such as in the real estate field.

Download Homedy APK for Android

If you need to find real estate in any form, anywhere in Vietnam, the first application you should think of to use is Homedy.

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