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PublisherGrammarly, Inc.
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RequiresAndroid 7.0
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Grammarly MOD APK helps correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and suggests normalized sentence structures as you type and write English on mobile devices. For those who are new or even familiar with English in communication and work, Grammarly is a very active companion.

Introduce about Grammarly

Application to correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure in English on mobile!

Why do you need an English grammar and spelling correction application?

When you first learn English, you obviously need it, both to recall the knowledge learned in class and to improve your ability to write and express your ideas. But even people who are fluent in English, who are using English as a second language to communicate, work and study every day, also need a tool to correct spelling and grammar errors. Because many times you will not be able to see the error in your writing, right?

So, no matter what level of English you are at, an English grammar and spelling correction application is necessary for you. Have it on your mobile phone so you can use it anywhere.

If you are looking for an application that does this function well, quickly, and accurately, you can download Grammarly to use.

How to use Grammarly?

Just download the Grammarly app from Google Play, turn it on, and check your writing. Automatically, Grammarly will follow the passages, look for errors and display them by underlining or coloring them differently (depending on your previous set-up), and give you correction suggestions.

What can Grammarly edit?

The Grammarly app doesn’t just help you with grammar correction as its name suggests. It can help you with a lot of aspects of English, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, suggesting synonyms, and alternative words in similar contexts… Thereby you can both standardize your sentences and practice your grammar skills and expand your existing vocabulary.

Grammarly works on many tasks: typing emails, editing documents, translating documents, writing essays/poems, texting in English, chatting in online chat applications, composing a short tweet or a really long status… Grammarly will automatically detect and report errors with corresponding correction suggestions without any further action.

Currently, Grammarly supports English, and you can choose from British English, American English, and Australian/Canadian English… Each country will have some differences in word usage and sentence structure as well as the system of synonyms, acronyms…

Are error detection and word suggestions fast and accurate?

All errors in Grammarly appear very quickly, ensuring you can immediately see them in sentences. Along with them are the correction suggestions. So, you can instantly correct those errors or quickly note them in the personal dictionary available in the app.

Grammarly uses sources from famous dictionaries on new words and grammar, and sentence structure in English. At the app’s development stage, it received the advice of many leading experts in linguistics. Thus, it is so accurate, comprehensive, and detailed.

Extra Features

In addition to the main ability to detect errors in spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation, Grammarly also has a few extra features to support users, including:

  • Light and dark mode
  • Personal Dictionary: you can sift through and add new words to your own dictionary.

MOD APK version of Grammarly

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Grammarly APK & MOD for Android

Grammarly is a compact application that does not take up much space nor consumes much battery. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface for everyone. With this application, you can standardize your English writing style and improve your vocabulary.

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