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Are you a forgetful person? Or do you have a habit of throwing things around that your wife complains about every day? You use too many devices at once, the upstairs and downstairs are sometimes chaotic? These are just three of the situations where you need to use this small but powerful Google Find My Device APK app.

Introduce about Google Find My Device

Locate your lost Android device and lock it until you get it back.

When do you need Google Find My Device?

How many times have you blamed yourself for losing your phone or tablet? If you lost it in your house then it’s still fine but if you get lost somewhere at work, in a public place, or you can’t even remember where you got lost, that’s a big problem. Will someone accidentally take away and see all your internal information data? What if someone wants to do something with the photos and videos you have on your device? At this time, the real worry is much greater than simply you lost it.

Google Find My Device will be an effective tool for you to prevent and limit all of the above risks.

Google Find My Device is a service from Google designed to secure users’ phones. In a nutshell, this is a location app that helps you always know the current location of your device in any situation and time.

What to keep in mind when using Google Find My Device?

You can quickly download Google Find My Device to use and enjoy the convenience it brings, however, this app has a few notes about the system and other accompanying conditions:

  • The device to install Google Find My Device needs to be Android 2.2 or higher
  • The device needs to have GPS enabled or always be connected to Wifi or mobile data
  • All your devices have registered and logged in Google account
  • All devices that want to be put into view must have Google Find My Device installed and activated

Specifically, to locate and secure the device, what can you do with Google Find My Device?

Locate your devices

When pre-installed Google Find My Device on all devices that need to be managed, just turn on the app, a map similar to Google Map will appear. It notes the name of each device and its specific current location.

Users can quickly track down their lost device by reading the distance, viewing the surrounding landmarks to determine the location displayed on this map. The details on this map are very clear, detailed, and specific, you can try this accuracy right after installing it on 2-3 devices.

Alarm with sound so that your device can make noise

Many times a lost phone somewhere in the house is enough to make you mad, especially when there is an urgent need to call. At that moment, I just wish my phone had a “mouth” to scream “I’m here”. Have you ever wished that?

Now just install Google Find My Device, this app will make your device sound loud even when you’ve set it to silent mode. The sound is extremely loud and lasts continuously for about 5 minutes.

When you find your phone, you can immediately stop this tumultuous ringing by pressing Stop Ringing on the screen or simply pressing the power button to shut down and restart.

Remote screen lock feature

This is related to the “dangerous” situation I mentioned above: when the device is lost in the street, where you cannot quickly get to it and there is a risk of falling into the hands of others. At this time, the remote screen lock feature will come into play its great effect.

Google Find My Device will create a password layer to make it difficult for anyone with malicious intent to access your lost mobile device. This feature is simply Enable the lock and then delete it if no longer needed. Simple but extremely effective.

Remote data erase feature

If it is certain that the device has fallen into the hands of a stranger, and even if you try to contact it, there is no willingness to return it. Then it’s time you should use this feature. Through the Remote Erase feature in the app, you will be able to erase all the lost device contents. Only in this way confidential information or sensitive images, videos, and private contacts will not be leaked out, and become prey for malicious intentions.

In addition, Google Find My Device can also help you see the battery status, see the hardware details of each device that is connected through the application. It is also quite handy when you need to check the status of nearby devices.

Download Google Find My Device APK for Android

With the above 4 main features, Google Find My Device, of course, is not 100% completely secure, because there is still the risk of a skilled hacker trying to get your information. But at least if the device is lost in the house, or the hands of a low-tech novice, you still run the risk of preserving everything, finding or erasing important data on the device.

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