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Google Classroom APK is a learning application that is being used by many people, especially in the context of Covid-19, when teaching and learning take place online.

Introduce about Google Classroom

The most popular online learning application today that greatly supports online teaching and learning

Google Classroom is at the top of the world

Google Classroom is the most downloaded online learning application on mobile platforms. Been around since 2014 and also mentioned quite a lot in Google services, but Google Classroom has not really been popular. Perhaps at that time, the demand was not as much as the developer expected.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about a series of events and changes. People are forced to adapt to the times of separation, the economy is forced to delay and shrink in order to survive and develop sustainably, schools are closed, teachers and students must join online classes on supporting platforms. The time of 2020, 2021, 2022 is when Google Classroom really shines as an enthusiastic and useful support tool for everyone around the world.

Simple is everything

Google Classroom was originally developed for schools and non-profit organizations. This application integrates with other Google services such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides… to simplify the teaching work of teachers.

How to use Google Classroom properly is as simple as the initial criteria of the application. As a learner, you only need a registration code issued by your teacher or school. Then a folder called Google Classroom will be present in your Drive by default. This is the place to get lessons, track lesson progress. Students can submit assignments online, and teachers monitor student reports, then grade their submissions and give comments and rate their students.

Full of features for both teachers and students

Acting as an online classroom and a place for teachers – students to organize their teaching and learning, Google Classroom has all the necessary roles as a true offline classroom. The Google Classroom folder in everyone’s Drive will be a place to:

  • For teachers: they can post lectures, videos, images, and then organize discussions, return papers with scores and detailed comments for each student. In this online class, teachers will also capture all the working and learning progress of each student with specific reports/statistics from the application. Just by looking at it, you can immediately know which students have submitted their assignments on time, which student is not keeping up with the teaching progress, or has not taken the homework/lessons. Teachers will also receive notifications whenever there is a new submission or new input from their students…
  • For learners: they can post essays with images and videos, share files from other applications, access information offline after downloading lectures, receive lectures in many formats, and receive the returned results of assignments/tests with teacher’s notes. Every time there are any announcements or incoming documents, returns, and all lectures from the teacher, the students receive them simultaneously.

Google Classroom saves time, does not limit geolocation and storage

Teachers, thanks to Google Classroom, can manage many classes at the same time, they can capture the details of each student’s lesson status. They can actively create notification forms and templates and send them periodically to students. All lecture files and notifications are saved in the teacher’s personal Drive so that they can be reused when needed for other classes.

The teaching and learning are also much more focused. They can discuss the actual quality of each lesson better. There are no external factors that waste everyone’s time and effort.

The Google Classroom account given to each user has unlimited storage. Compared to other online teaching and learning applications, this is a huge advantage, especially for subjects that need a lot of image and video data.

Guaranteed safety

Like every other product from Google, no matter what role you participate in, you will be absolutely safe during use. Google Classroom has no ads, and it promises to never infringe, retrieve, or use the content and data of teachers and students in the application for commercial and advertising purposes. This is an ultimate commitment from Google from your first visit to the app.

Enhance the spirit of initiative and responsibility of learners

Learning online is half difficult, half easy. You may face some difficulties when you cannot meet teachers face-to-face and if thinking negatively, it also reduces a lot of interest. But thinking positively, this kind of study is an opportunity for each person to have more time to focus on the lecture and lesson. Students will also practice the spirit of self-study, be more proactive and responsible for their own learning. Anyone who can adapt to online learning through Google Classroom may have a more active future in their life.

Well, you need to be proactive in everything: downloading the lecture, structuring it on your device in your own way, updating information from the teacher’s messages, proactively sending messages when you have any questions or comments on the lesson.

Download Google Classroom APK for Android

Of course, besides the above advantages, Google Classroom also has some limitations. It is not possible to modify the settings available in the application, you cannot archive a layer or review archived layers. But surely with the download speed increasing every day like now and the great potential for online education, Google will surely complete this drawback soon. 

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