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RequiresAndroid 6.0

Funimation APK is a very powerful anime movie-watching application on mobile and is currently trusted by many anime fans. Have you tried it yet?

Introduce about Funimation

An app born for anime enthusiasts

Anime and irresistible charm

You know, anime is hand-drawn animation from Japan and is an integral part of this country’s cultural identity. Its highlight is full of color and vivid characters with clear personalities. Anime is often accompanied by humanistic storylines full of love, self-respect, and gratitude to nature. Since its inception in the early 1917s, it has quickly become a very distinct Japanese art style. Not only popular in the domestic market, but Anime also spread quickly to Asian and Western countries and created a wave of intense cultural trends, having great influence in the art forms.

Up to now, you see, no one does not know about anime, even non-fans. And if you are already in love with it, you may spend so many days immersed in these nature movies. Not to mention you may fall into hundreds of different activities derived from anime, the art of cosplay, for example.

Above all, of course, you may need to find some places where you can freely immerse yourself in the world of Anime. Anime enthusiasts always have the question “Where is the most convenient place to watch anime?”. And today, the answer will definitely be “on mobile”. So which app to best help? One of the names I want to recommend to you is Funimation.

Funimation is an application to watch Anime cartoons on mobile. Of course, you have many other options as well, each with its advantages. For me, I choose Funimation for the following reasons:

Admirable amount of Anime with English subtitles

Yeah. We all want to watch the original Anime, which is updated quickly and continuously. But in fact, such a film always comes with the inconvenience of language. It is all in Japanese, from voiceover to subtitles. So, we, the non-Japanese speakers, cannot understand what happens in the movie. You know, anime often talks about very sublime things and often involves the deep emotions of the character, so if you don’t understand it, you will miss so many great moments.

But no need to be worried more. In Funimation, there are more than 1000 anime movies, and the interesting thing is that these series are all dubbed and subtitled in English. And so, you are free to enjoy it!

Funimation has an easy-to-use interface, you will get used to it in a moment

Before Funimation, I used to use two other apps with the same feature. Both are quite ok, but they both have the same limitation that the interface is too confusing. From the home page (where individual listings and the latest movies are displayed), it looks complicated already. To the inside, in each movie, the interface is still not better.

But with Funimation, there is no longer that uncomfortable feeling. You will see everything in order. Few words, easy-to-see font, neat and polished images, soft lines, monochrome background color, good contrast. Overall, from the homepage to the detail inside, it made a good impression.

As you go deeper, you’ll see the convenience of each element. Everything is compact, light, with as little manipulation as possible, and the control buttons are arranged in a very convenient position, bringing you the best experience.

I put this factor as the second reason why I chose this app because I think that the sophistication of an application, no matter what it is used for, will be most evident when it is friendly and convenient for users of all levels. 

Easily find and add your favorite Anime to your playlist

Like watching movies on Netflix, in Funimation, you can quickly find any anime you like through the smart Search engine right on the homepage. It can be searched by English name, so it’s very convenient. Then go through the results, choose a movie, put it right into your Favorites List to watch when you have time.

The pre-selected Anime list from the app itself is pretty cool

Besides movies that you add to your Favorites List, Funimation also actively offers many movie suggestions. They are divided by genre and style, such as TV series (there are currently more than 400 TV anime titles in Funimation), feature films, and trending anime shows.

If you don’t like those, you can search your favorite ones by genre, language, and age rating; or simply with any keyword in mind. And yet, you can also watch featured OVAs and hot anime shows like Demon Slayer and Fruits Basket…for up to 2 weeks after they’ve aired live in Japan.

Download Funimation APK for Android

All Anime films in Funimation display the correct image and sound quality standards with high resolutions from 720p, Full HD 1080p, and 4K… I believe that, if you try Funimation, you will quickly feel it’s a true gadget born for Anime lovers.  If you are interested in it, you can download Funimation here.

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