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We’ve all been in this situation: trying to capture the right moment, but ultimately miss it, like when the sun goes down, the bubble explodes, or the eagle flies over. Not all shots need to be taken at the right moment, but sometimes shooting fast is the only solution. Fortunately, the Enlight Quickshot app does exactly what it says it does.


Summary about Enlight Quickshot

NameEnlight Quickshot
Latest Version1.4.101
MOD FeaturesNo
PlatformsiOS 10.0
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Quick and easy

Enlight Quickshot is an easy-to-use photo capture application that also has some surprisingly advanced features such as fully customizable filters and the ability to batch edit photos at the same time. However, our favorite feature is the simplest: the shooting mode ensures that the photos are always straight.

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Each image is automatically aligned when you shoot in Quickshot mode.

Normally, after taking a picture that is tilted, you need to manually cut and adjust. Quickshot mode automatically shoots straight through the viewfinder.

If you tilt the phone, the viewfinder will tilt in the opposite direction to compensate, so the picture will always be full. This not only saves you a lot of time editing, but also allows you to capture the perfect shot. You will not have to worry about minor changes in the layout.

Far East Style

Want to shoot a special moving picture? Press Strobe Mode and prepare for the surprise. This mode will take multiple consecutive images, then take the subject out of the picture, mix the background and re-pair with the subject. The result is a photo showing the whole motion frozen in a moment. If this sounds hard to believe, wait until you see the results. You will believe!

enlight quickshot multi
Strobe mode captures multiple images to capture motion in a separate and impressive way.

Try to tell someone to throw a ball, jump into the air, acrobatics, or any fast-moving. Once you have your photo you like, click on the tab icon at the bottom left to merge it with other images. The result is an interesting and unique photo, where the most seemingly simple things become very impressive.


enlight quickshot hdr

You may already know the HDR function from the iPhone’s built-in camera application, but Enlight Quickshot has a separate version: HDR +. This feature combines a series of images at different exposure levels (bright, medium, and dark), and then blends them to produce images with darker shadows and highlights. This feature can add color to the landscape and sunset shots, and can be customized comfortably. Take a picture and the application will start blending immediately, and then you will be able to balance the dark and light areas with a slider.

We love Enlight Quickshot‘s smart features, and it’s great that you can use them with just one click of the screen.

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Notes: Please select a link to download Enlight Quickshot for free. You can choose the MOD (if available) version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

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