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Package Namecom.tophatch.concepts
PublisherTopHatch, Inc.
CategoryArt & Design
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 7.0
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Concepts MOD APK is a professional sketching drawing app right on mobile, helping you to unleash your creativity anytime, anywhere.

Introduce about Concepts

Sketch your ideas on the infinite canvas, write notes, draw storyboards, and more!

Even if it’s not a design, you always need sketching, artistic note-taking, or simple to advanced design. If it is a design, this need is much more frequent and enhanced. On both sides, you need a dedicated application for sketching and design like Concepts.

Why should you need a sketching tool?

Drawing and designing are something that not everyone can do. If you pursue sketching or practice for the hobby, it takes a lot of effort and investment. There are different types of brushes, different types of paper, and a variety of drawing methods. Instead of learning to draw directly, you can use a mobile tool like a miniature drawing-room that allows for creative freedom.

What is Concepts?

Concepts is an app that helps to draw professional sketches, high quality, and is free without ads. Many famous artists are already using Concepts to create at Disney, Playstation, Philips, HP, Apple, Google, Unity, and Illumination Entertainment.

Advantages of Concepts

This app gives you a flexible space to think freely and create without cost. With a feature-rich app like Concepts, you’ll be able to do everything: take notes, doodle, draw concept concepts, and sketch people. Then you can share with friends or clients.

Now Concepts is optimized for the latest electronic pens and Chrome OS™ as well. So you can safely use Concepts in almost any situation with any pen.

It can be said that Concepts is the perfect combination of artistic creativity with basic and advanced sketching principles, which will give you a hand in creating satisfactory sketches, without wasting much time and effort.

Is it difficult to manipulate Concepts?

It’s not difficult if you’re determined to get used to the first steps from scratch. Just put 2 fingers on the touch screen or use an electronic pen to start manipulating, creating molds, and adjusting the created shapes.

For the first few times, just listen to your mind’s voice. Give it time to get used to the previous operation. As you mature, creative skills will begin to unfold more and you will fly with your imagination.

Is the quality of the sketch image good?

Even when you leave the original image on your computer, or export it to an image file, or a PDF, all strokes are always displayed clearly and smoothly even when zoomed in many times.

This ability to maintain high-quality images helps you get the best results when sharing with clients or friends across different communication channels.

Summary of key features

Concepts have many detailed features to support the sketching process, including:

  • Copy, cut, and paste selected details on different drawings
  • Feature to support painting with different strengths and weaknesses of pens. The stroke also changes with pressure, incline and velocity, and customizable smoothing.
  • Offers unlimited canvas with a variety of paper and custom grids
  • You can customize everything in each tool
  • COPIC color wheel support for artistic color selection and mixing

Features flexible vector-based sketching. That is, you just need to move and adjust the shape you just drew, from color, size, to smoothness.

  • You can draw with direct capture and alignment tools for a clearer and more precise sketch.
  • Export drawing files to images or PDF for printing or sending quickly to partners and clients

MOD APK version of Concepts

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Concepts APK & MOD for Android

Concepts is a sketching application that anyone can use, whether you are just a novice or are doing professional design work. Just install Concepts on your device, you can freely create as you like, realizing the most far-fetched and flying ideas.

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