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Package Namegr.gamebrain.comica
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MOD FeaturesUnlocked Premium Features
RequiresAndroid 5.0

If you can draw cartoons or a comic book by yourself, life will be full of joys. But what if you still want to have a little fun but don’t have a knack for drawing? Then try Comica MOD APK.

Introduce about Comica

Make your own animation super easy within a few minutes

Photos bring out your excitement

Life is full of talents. There are a lot of people who can play musical instruments, draw pictures, sing songs, initiate pranks… Each person can be a lively being to make out all the positive energy around them. You want to have such a “talented” way, but you can’t play the guitar, sing well, or draw interesting cartoons.

You have known many assorted styles of modern Western animation, and always wanted to be a main character in those drawings. To be more sublime, you wanted to create a comic segment or a short, animated clip with this unique animation style. Or sometimes you just wanted to sketch some cool memes with some conversation bubbles to make a lovely photo.

It may sound simple but without professional skills and tools, this wish will never come true.

But if you have an application that turns ordinary images into cartoons or comics like Comica, it may hit different.

What is Comica?

Comica is an application that helps you turn images into comics or cartoons. From any photos downloaded into this application, you can quickly turn them into a sharp comic page or rare funny memes. If you want, you can create a miniature comic book with an interesting theme right on your mobile and tablet. The operation in Comica is easy; the features are understandable; the finished product is quickly made, and it’s also free to use.

Quick and easy to use

Using Comica, you just need to choose any image from your phone’s built-in photo library or take a photo directly on the app then select filters with the right cartoon/comic effect from Comica’s list. Next is adding dialogue bubbles to complete the comic effect. Repeat the same steps for another image until you finish your comic.

Images after being transformed can be saved immediately to your phone or quickly shared with friends on social networks. This stitch is also extremely fast right on the Comica application. It’s time for you to show off your talent and humor on social media, what are you waiting for?

Why should we choose Comica?

First, Comica works smoothly, creates cartoon images, comics quickly together with immensely powerful and deep features. Besides, the whole app is extremely easy to use. Your impression will be the intuitiveness and vividness of the functional items here. Most of the operation is just touching, selecting, and editing more on the image only. I think anyone can do it without requiring any specific skills.

Next, Comica runs very smoothly on all Android phones. If used on a tablet, the finished image is even more eye-catching. An image editing application that not only turns completely into a distinctive style but also runs neatly like Comica is rare for me.

Finally, the image created from Comica is boldly Western cartoon. Just by looking, you will find it exciting just like having a classic American comic book in front of you. Lines, color schemes, light and dark areas are mixed very well, making an extraordinary version of yourself in a true cartoon character. Not only the main character, the scenes, but all the surrounding details on the picture are also transformed in a natural and logical way. You can choose animation with strong black and white strokes as well as comics with modern colors. Lots of western comic styles are available in Comica.

The most obvious effect of these animated images is to bring joy and excitement to the user and the recipient. Your social networking site will quickly be as fun as a party. A second effect is creating fast, unique, and strange memes and images with dizzying speed to make your life more colorful and funnier.

MOD APK version of Comica

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium Features

Download Comica MOD APK for Android

Whether you’re entertaining yourself, having fun with friends, or a fan of Western comics, Comica has the whole package for you. Comica is completely free to use, guys.

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    Felipe Arriagada

    Hello, thank you very much for uploading the app 😁😁. I was wondering if you could update it to version 1, 45 please?

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