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Blokada Slim Ad blocker MOD APK is the best ad-blocking application currently available on Android 6+. The advantages of Blokada are not only about bringing the most comfortable browsing experience but also helping to save battery life for your phone, to the extent that you must be surprised.

Introduce about Blokada

The best ad blocker and battery saver app for Android.

Ads is not only annoying, but also consumes battery

If you know the full advantages and disadvantages of the advertising models that your phone has to “endure” every day, then I am sure that you will download Blokada Slim Ad blocker right away and use immediately.

Firstly, mobile advertising interrupts web surfing. When you are watching a video, playing games, watching news, a dumb ad pops up in the middle of the screen, covering all the content you are reading (watching). Nobody likes that. No one.

Second, a series of ads that appear continuously will cause your phone to run out of battery very quickly, because of the amount of memory they accidentally invade on your device.

Third, behind the large and small advertisements of all kinds are dense user tracking systems (the cases of Google and Facebook are enough for you to figure out how terrible these systems are). Your privacy is compromised (the victim doesn’t know about it).

And finally, the ads are always full of ransomware, sometimes spyware or some kind of “tech virus” that just accidentally touches your phone, your phone will be scanned and monitored.

Blokada is an ad-blocking app I recommend you use now before it’s too late

Blokada Slim Ad blocker is a leading ad blocking tool currently on mobile platforms (specifically Android 6 and up). It works exactly as its name suggests: blocks ads and extends battery life.

This application is trusted by many from amateurs to professionals because (of course) the app is easy to install, fast, free to use and based on open source. Roughly that means the system is always automatically updated with new updates with new code dealing with new forms of advertising or new ransomware. Download and use only once, nothing needed.

How to use and start Blokada Slim Ad blocker is quite simple:

  1. Download Blokada on APKMODY or Google Play.
  2. Open the app, change the blacklist, change the DNS and other items to match the current status of your phone. Then press the activate button to run. Done.

Why can Blokada both block Ad and save battery?

Blokada also works like other ad blocking programs, using VPNs on Android to block automatic adverts or system ads. But the difference is that, instead of filtering all traffic data for ads, Blokada only filters DNS traffic. Thanks to that, it both blocks ads, monitors and removes harmful software for the phone, and helps to save battery effectively, thereby stabilizing the device’s battery life.

Note, after activated, you should also look at the corner of the screen to see if Blokada is working or not. When active it will have a key icon in the status bar and usually an orange shield symbol.

Blokada also has many powerful features to help protect your phone

In addition to blocking ads, Blokada can also help block malicious websites from getting into your phone in any way. You can see more about how to use this feature in review videos on Youtube.

MOD APK version of Blokada

MOD feature

Plus Unlocked: Coming soon.

Download Blokada APK & MOD for Android

For the scope of this article, I can only talk through the general features of Blokada. You should download Blokada MOD APK to your Android phone to experience.

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