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Not trying to be any complicated or theoretical tool, Baby tracker MOD APK simply provides tracking metrics, notifications, and charts. With its vivid intuitive, easy-to-control interface (which is very good for women who have just given birth), this app is a must-have on your phone before you give birth.

Introduce about Baby tracker

Newborn baby care application: fast, convenient, easy to use, and extremely practical!

Do giving birth and taking care of children need supportive apps?

You know, modern technology helps you with a lot of things including those that were almost impossible before. Many applications are made to reduce the burden on people’s lives. Not only work, living habits, sports or any other aspect are important, but a very important part that affects half the world and needs attention is the process of taking care of children. Especially when you take care of the baby from birth to the first 1-2 years old.

The period of birth, for any woman, is a vulnerable time to the psychological crisis. The pressure of taking care of the baby, the irrational fears are so much that they can lead a woman to fall into depression. At that time, if you do not treat them well or take the right measures, sometimes it will even make the mother feel worse.

To reduce pressure on themselves, take better care of their baby and overcome psychological difficulties themselves, mothers do not need sublime instructions. It would be great if there were something for them to calculate the results of childcare (every week, every month), to understand how their child grows and grows through each stage. Then the mother will automatically have more motivation to continue the long way. Yes, in a lot of cases, that’s all it takes.

Then you will realize how useful a tool is to support the process of taking care of your child and monitoring your child’s health.

Fortunately, we do have such an app. It is Baby tracker.

What is Baby tracker?

Not only does it help first-time mothers who are confused with everything, but Baby tracker is also a useful application for all family members who are directly taking care of babies. If you are a father or grandparent, you can also help the mother. You can ask them some questions, track information, enter data and tell the mother the progress/ daily report. You can help them a lot.

Ok, so in what ways will Baby tracker help mothers (or the other family members) as an application to support childcare tracking?

Track your breastfeeding and baby’s eating stages

Breastfeeding needs to be closely monitored, especially when the baby is under 1 year of age because, at that time, the main source of the baby’s nutrition is milk.

Whether your baby eats milk by the bottle or directly from the breast, or eats a mix of some milk, the Baby tracker has a way to keep track of your baby’s feeding schedule. You should enter the data every time there is a notification from the application, so you can easily adjust if there is any abnormality in the amount of milk tolerated by your baby.

The report from the app also tells you that compared to the average standard (standard of the world), whether the baby’s milk level is ok or not. Baby tracker also provides recommendations for you to consider adding or adjusting the level of milk for your baby in the future.

After the newborn period, when the baby starts to eat solid foods (6 months or more), Baby tracker will be a tool for you to continue to monitor the quality of your baby’s eating process. It tells you how much milk should be combined a day, how many times should the baby eat solid food, how many portions of vegetables/protein/starch, and how much water should be added. All these will be suggested to you.

Track baby’s sleep 

Eating and sleeping are basic human needs, especially for newborn babies. Babies in the first 12 weeks spend most of their time sleeping, sleeping is when they digest, grow, and absorb their first nutrients. You should use Baby tracker to monitor the quality and duration of your baby’s sleep from the first days.

Compared to world averages, you’ll know if your baby is getting enough sleep or not, whether there’s been a disturbance during the wonder weeks, or if there is a slight transition between periods with varying frequency and hours of sleep throughout the day. All these statistical results will help you somewhat anticipate changes in the sleep habits of your baby. At the same time, you can find the most reasonable plan for their daily bedtime in the future.

Track baby’s height and weight

Height and Weight are a measure of the effectiveness of the eating and sleeping process. Today’s modern mothers do not concern too much about the baby’s weight. However, Weight and Height are still two criteria to measure the physical development of every baby from infancy to later stages of development. Baby tracker will need you to enter your baby’s measurements according to certain periods available in the app. It will then automatically compare the baby’s eating and drinking indicators/ sleep schedule and indicate which indicators you need to change or adjust to help your baby develop more comprehensively. 

Follow up the newborn care schedule

In addition to breastfeeding, coaxing to sleep, monitoring health indicators, the following is also a very important part that if you’re too busy or have more than one child, you’ll probably forget. It’s diaper changes and a series of other schedules: sun exposure, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, vaccination schedule… All will be reminded by Baby tracker, and it will give you detailed instructions. This method is hassle-free, completely understandable, and easy to follow for any young mother.

Record calendars, set alarms, and take personal notes

There are many other schedules. If there is anything else arising in the process of taking care of children that the application itself does not have, you can actively add and set a periodic notification at any time of the day to remind yourself.

Baby tracker is also a place where you can make detailed notes on all comments for yourself in the process of taking care of your baby. Later, your children can read it again as a kind of parenting diary. This feature itself is quite good.

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Download Baby tracker APK & MOD for Android

Baby tracker is the app that every new mom needs. Having it in hand, you will be much less tired and worried. You do not need to remember too many things or spend all your energy worrying about whether you did well. Put all the pressure aside, let Baby tracker help you with small and big reminders in this childcare process.

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