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Babbel APK is an online language learning mobile app. Currently, Babbel is being trusted and followed by many people. Of course, like other language learning apps, it has both pros and cons. But the advantage is still the dominant one. Let’s learn more about Babbel in this sharing.

Introduce about Babbel

Intensive communication learning with 14 popular European languages!

Learning a foreign language, whether online or offline, is a process that requires both sides. Learners must have patience, determination, serious investment of both time and effort. From the teaching side, the teacher must have specific orientation, accuracy, and excitement for learners. All progress will only be when you define the language that you want to learn and practice every day. Nowadays, not only you can learn a language from a teacher offline, but you can completely learn by a quality foreign language learning app.

One of the standard foreign language learning applications today on mobile is Babbel. And I will talk about Babbel’s advantages first.

What is Babel? How to use this app?

Babbel is an online language learning mobile application. Install Babbel on your device, you can freely choose the language to learn, among the 14 languages available on the application. It includes Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, and Turkish.

The language project named Babbel was developed in collaboration with linguists from the prestigious Yale University. And it has been measured effectively with oral expression with the result that 75% of users achieve their goal of learning a foreign language in their own way.

The way Babbel leads users to dive into foreign language lessons will include the following steps:

  • Create an account on Babbel through the app’s Facebook account or email.
  • Choose the language to learn and how to pay for the application (the first day of learning is free).
  • Complete the current level assessment test
  • After having the summary score of the assessment, Babbel will proactively come up with a teaching schedule and display the schedule and specific teaching content on the screen. After this step, if there is consent from the user, the learning will officially begin.

How does Babbel teach users foreign languages?

No matter what level you are at, Babbel has a way to access, leverage, and build on the knowledge you already have. For starters, the app will lead you into the new language with basic topics like exchanging greetings and introducing personal information. Next comes more complex topics about future activities and plans. Then come specialized topics such as professions, science, art, biology, physics, math…

Interactive learning

Babbel currently offers more than 6000 different language courses, which equates to more than 60,000 mini-lessons. Depending on your level and skills, you will be placed in different classes and ranks respectively.

Each interactive lesson will take only 10 to 15 minutes to complete or sometimes even shorter. During that time, users are guaranteed to be truly focused. They can learn to talk with new words while interacting with exchanges and mini-games in the app. Thereby the process of memorization, practice, and experience is pushed to the highest possible level.

Strong in communication skills

Strictly speaking, each foreign language learning software on mobile has its own identity and strengths. There are strengths in grammar, there are apps in favor of listening and speaking. Depending on your individual needs, you can find an application that is right for you. And if Communication skills are a top priority, then I think you should choose Babbel.

In Babbel, there are many lessons in vocabulary, usage, pronunciation, and analysis of special sounds in a profound way. Thereby, users will understand how to apply new words in practice, playing them out into standard sounds in the style of native speakers. Babbel also offers a series of interactive exercises, in the form of games from difficult to easy. By participating in these games, the user’s communication skills will become more responsive and accurate.

If you are looking for a foreign language learning application that helps you speak fluently, have a richer vocabulary when communicating in reality, Babbel will be a very useful teaching tool.

Cultivating new words in depth

When you learn a foreign language with Babbel, you are free to expand your new vocabulary. The app provides many different expressions: single words, phrases, usage in sentences, words placed in different meanings. Thereby, a new word is explained very fully, allowing users to understand both the depth and breadth of the word. And the learners therefore will remember better, more accurately, can even pop into reflex when needed.

Easy to understand, easy to use

The interface of the app is very intuitive, vivid, everything is led in extreme detail. Regardless of the user’s age, they all can use them easily. The layout design on the homepage, the feature pages, the display of new words, and the interactive games of Babbel are also extremely close. You can manipulate with the least amount and still ensure your learning path. It can be said that in foreign language learning applications, Babbel is one of the few that cares about a minimalist user experience. This is a point that I strongly support.

Babbel only has European languages

Babbel’s only downside: only European languages ​​are available. It is understandable because Babbel is sponsored by organizations from Europe. Therefore, the list of 14 foreign languages ​​above all has European languages ​​as the focus. So, if you are interested in learning an Asian foreign language, Babbel can’t help you.

Besides, you can try Duolingo on APKMODY. All lessons and paid features unlocked.

Download Babbel APK for Android

In short, not a simple application to solve puzzles, or practice foreign language skills in your spare time, Babbel is a serious language learning application with a specific route. If you intend to pursue long-term one of the 14 languages ​​mentioned at the beginning of the article, you should download Babbel to your phone and start learning.

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