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Package Namecom.magicv.airbrush
CategoryPhotos & Videos
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.3
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AirBrush MOD APK is a personal photo editing application with many powerful and handy features. And more importantly, in the picture, you will be much more beautiful, natural, and gentle.

Introduce about AirBrush

Easy Photo Editor

Why should you use AirBrush?

There are a lot of photo editing apps out there that we all know and use. However, let’s talk about the result. What we can get after a few taps may be a beautiful, dramatic photo, but everything seems over. In the end, “you” become strange, sometimes incredibly different from you in real life.

I just wish to find a photoshop app by which “me” will still be me. That small wish may never seem to be done, until I find AirBrush.

Compared to other photo editing applications, AirBrush seems less “attractive”. But you will change your mind when you study it from the inside, things are not as impressive at first. The strength of AirBrush is very effective for personal photos. And if you have ever been a little disappointed when you see yourself in the picture edited which is just fake and not as you at all, let’s think about AirBrush. It will never make you feel like that.

Now let’s see what special features AirBrush has!

Bruises and acne removing features

Bruises and acne are exactly the two enemies of women. However, deleting it completely like other apps do sometimes will leave streaks in lighter color than adjacent skins. With AirBrush, you will never worry about that. It just gently cleanses bruises and acne.

In other words, the Healing tool in AirBrush does its job very naturally and synchronizes the skin color very well, which makes the color arrays almost blending together without any difference.

Skin whitening and eyes brightening features

Smiles and eyes are the two most powerful weapons of every girl. For a radiant smile, sparkling eyes, you can get what you want just by one tap. This function of AirBrush will make you keep this app on your phone for a long time.

Why? Because the “whiten” feature in AirBrush only makes your teeth whiter than normal a little bit while keeping the distance and contour of the teeth. “Bright eyes” feature only helps your eyes sparkle a little more, not like a fox eye, or wearing a contact lens. Nothing seems like fake anymore!

Skin retouching feature

This feature brightens skin, makes it smoother and brighter. Of course, there is not a case where the black-brown skin turns into bright-white one like porcelain. The skin whitening technology in AirBrush will always make you happy with the smooth skin while every facial line or body is still there, not changed like when using other apps.

One more small plus for this skin-related feature is blush and lipstick feature. It makes you feel like there is just a slight blush. Especially the AI ​​of the app will depend on the available color tone of the skin to have a reasonable adjustment for the tone of the blush and lips. Sometimes you can find yourself being very pretty in the right way even when without makeup.

Body slimming feature

AirBrush’s body slimming feature is not too rigid and not too much of an illusion. You can gently manipulate two fingers to slim each small area of ​​the body without having to collide or alter the rest of the picture such as the background too much. This helps to preserve the overall naturalness.

And of course, if you can slim it, you can bulgy it too. Feel free to do whatever you want to make yourself as sexy as possible without losing your inherent lines.

Basic photo editing features like other apps

In addition to the above natural features, AirBrush of course does not forget to bring users the basic features that every editing app has blurring the background, cropping, resizing in proportion, adding some more effects to the image, and applying stickers.

AirBrush also has a very good function. If you don’t have time for detailed edits, you can use the auto-editing feature. With just one touch, the photo instantly turns into what you expect. Sometimes the app’s AI does even better. Let’s try this function one time!

MOD APK version of AirBrush

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download AirBrush MOD APK for Android

With only 5 sets of features, AirBrush will bring you all the necessary things for the “virtual life” on Instagram or Facebook. And importantly, the result is extremely natural and will never disappoint you.

Download AirBrush MOD APK for use here.

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