APKMODY Installer

New era of APK Installer

What is APKMODY Installer?

APKMODY Installer is a tool that allows you to install .apks, .xapk, .apkm, .zip files on Android phones.

Why use APKMODY Installer?

When Android App Bundle – Google Play’s new uploading format was born, extracting, backing up and sharing APK files were no longer as easy as before. An application is broken down into many different APK files, and now we need to combine all these APK files into a single file by compressing into .ZIP or .APKs so that it can be easily shared and backed up. …

Note: In addition to ZIPs and APKs, some applications are compressed as XAPK or APKM but their nature is the same.

And to install such applications, you need a support tool. That is the APKMODY Installer.

Back up your favorite apps

Not only is it capable of supporting app installation, but APKMODY Installer also allows you to extract existing applications on your device. No matter whether it’s a simple APK app or an Android App Bundle, you can easily back up or share it.

The application works well and is compatible with most apps, including the most popular ones: Spotify, Netflix, VSCO, Picsart, Subway Surfers, Fortnite, Minecraft (Tested on devices running Android 8.0).

APKMODY Installer is free and available on Google Play

Now, with APKMODY Installer in your hands, you can install all the free Games and Apps available at APKMODY!